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Resilience & wellbeing

Employee wellbeing and mental resilience can help prevent stress, enable employee engagement and organisational performance and create positive working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive. Our experts help you achieve this.


Florence Pérès

How to cope with change in your professional life

Omgaan met grenzen

Veerle Dobbelaere

Voorkom burn out en leer je grenzen aan te geven

Can you floor me?

Gella Vandecaveye

Learn how to connect in a completely different way!

Recognizing & reversing burnout

Mahdi Brown

What every leader should know about burn out within their team to help prevent it

Manage your Energy to excel

Herre Zonderland

How do you ensure a high performance culture, right now?

Prevent Burnout

Isabelle Gonnissen

Find your happiness!

Focus your brain

Florence Pérès

How to work with more focus and overcome distraction

Working with people: Watermael Bosvoorde and Sonian Forest

Jan Puype

Walk for (HR) professionals and team leaders

Winning mindset

Dominique Monami

The right mindset is key to be successful!

Tap into your resilience with Spanish Flamenco

Luna Zegers

Exciting Spanish music style as powerful elixir of life

Breathe less, fear less

Lieven Van Linden

Overcoming fear and anxiety...with one single breath

Harmony through singing

Martine Reyners

A personal testimonial that gives evidence of major resilience

Executive Presence & Visibility for Professional Women

Barbara Rogoski

How to Present Yourself Confidently

Boost your (physical) energy!

Goedele Leyssen

How to stay energized throughout your (working) day

Laughter yoga team building

Luc Van Imschoot

Laughter makes employees feel better about themselves, making interactions with colleagues and customers more motivated and friendly.

Boost your motivation

Isabelle Gonnissen

Choose Positive!

How to overcome self-limiting beliefs?

Véronique Bockstal

We impose unnecessary and unjustified restrictions on ourselves which have no other proof than what we make ourselves believe. Self-limiting beliefs prevent us from growing as a person, as a professional, as a business founder or owner.

Stress and Burn out

Florence Pérès

What is it? How to recognize it? How to prevent it?

Sleep Samurai

Leo van Woerden

Learn to sleep deeply and "faster" and make this the tool for your health, growth and happiness

The power of healthy humor

Johan De Keyser

Learn how to use humor as a form of communication in which everyone can feel good in order to perform and achieve goals in a healthy and wise way.


Gella Vandecaveye

A testimonial on the interface between top-class sport and business.

Authentic Intelligence

Elke Geraerts

How to future-proof yourself and your team

Mental Resilience

Elke Geraerts

Elke shares her insights on mental resilience and how we can deal swiftly with any challenge.

Connection in a Hybrid Workplace

Tom Dijckmans

Who replaces the coffee room?

Work-life integration

Ann De Bisschop

Wellbeing for the hybrid worker


Véronique De Prycker

Be excellent in every aspect of your life

Resilience for a long and happy life

Dirk Schyvinck

De 5 do's!

Boost your (Mental) Energy!

Dominique Monami

Useful insights and tips to optimize energy levels for the knowledge worker.

Yoga Nidra Neuroscience Crash Course Experience

Leo van Woerden

A workshop combining of neuroscience, drumming, yoga and singing

Burning out, and “Burning in”

Fiona Passantino

The key to wellbeing is less rather than more; building in space for silence and creativity.

Stronger by stress

Lieven Van Linden

Learn how stress can help us to become more resilient in work and life

Time Management

Michael Houben

How to become insanely productive, sanely

Stress yourself

Goedele Leyssen

Stress is not your enemy; it is an opportunity for self-development and growth.

The Quantified Self: Using data & technology to accelerate sustainable performance

Lieven Van Linden

Optimize health and performance in a sustainable way

Digital Balance

Florence Pérès

Be in control of your screens !

Start to meditate

Florence Pérès

Taster session for active professionals

Self-care for team leaders

Julie Heyvaert


Discover your voice

Martine Reyners

Experience a harmonious team

Build new success habits & rituals

Goedele Leyssen

Rituals help you to optimize your time and ensure that your body and mind are working to their full potential

Reframe your routines

Lieven Van Linden

Break the habit of being yourself

The mental reset

Elke Geraerts

How hybrid work and life strengthen resilience


Veerle Dobbelaere

Hoe creëer ik mentaal en emotioneel meer ademruimte?

30 days Mental Energy Challenge

Goedele Leyssen

Start to meditate together with your team! Let meditation help you and your colleagues to navigate through these challenging times.

Body Detox

Goedele Leyssen

Healthy Online Teambuilding! Cook together!
Learn what you can do to reset your body after the end of year festivities.

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