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Terms & Conditions

Date Guarantee

Upon client agreement (including if by email confirmation), the date with the speaker or moderator will be finalized and no further efforts will be made to dedicate this time to other assignments.



The total amount will be invoiced upon approval.

All our invoices are payable within 30 (thirty) calendar days and no later than 15 days prior to the date of performance.

Any complaint regarding an invoice must be reported in writing by the customer within 10 (ten) working days. In case of non-payment no later than 15 days before the performance Speakersbase may cancel the performance of the speaker or moderator. The agreed price shall in that case remain due in full.

Any delay in payment will give rise by right and without further notice to the payment of interest on arrears in the amount of 1% per month and this without prejudice to the right to any damages. Each reminder invoice will also include a reminder and compensation cost of 75 euro.


Cancellation conditions

If the assignment or event is cancelled or postponed by the client, this means a direct loss of income and a loss of opportunity. Therefore, if the event is rescheduled for a later date or cancelled altogether - for whatever reason - we apply the following schedule:

  1. If cancelled or postponed more than one month before the effective date, 25% of the total amount will be charged - if the full amount has already been paid, 75% will be refunded.

  2. For cancellations or postponements from one month to one week before the effective date, 50% of the total amount will be charged - if the full amount has already been paid, 50% will be refunded.

  3. For cancellation or postponement less than one week before the effective date, 75% of the total amount will be charged - if the full amount has already been paid, 25% will be refunded.

  4. If the assignment cannot be carried out on the day itself, 100% of the total amount will be charged.


Absence of the speaker or moderator

If the speaker or moderator is prevented by illness or an important family or professional event, the client can choose to

  1. reschedule the service to a later date to be agreed with Speakersbase; or

  2. request that Speakersbase, to the extent possible, propose a substitute insofar as the client of the service, if any, agrees to a change in the rate; or

  3. cancel the order with a refund of any amounts already paid.

Speakersbase cannot be held liable to the client for any damage that the client may suffer as a result of the speaker or moderator being unable to attend.



Both parties agree not to directly or indirectly seek employment with or offer employment to, or use the services of, any employee or consultant of the other party (or its affiliates) who was involved in the performance of this engagement, for the duration of this engagement and for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the end date of the engagement, unless the other party gives written consent.

In the event of a violation of this provision, the violating party shall owe the other party an amount of € 25,000, which is a reasonable estimate of the damage to the party that does not commit a violation. The amount shall be immediately due and payable.



Only Belgian law shall apply to this agreement.

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