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Manage your Energy to excel

How do you ensure a high performance culture, right now?

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Herre brings a motivational session on energy & peak performance. The aim of the session is to inspire, but also create awareness and excite participants around the topic. 

Herre emphasises the conditions needed to perform at a high level as an individual, team and organisation. In doing so, he starts from the 5 building blocks of sustainable performance :


Herre uses his experience in both top-level sports and business. You will get answers to:

  • What can we learn from top athletes? 

  • How (mentally and physically) fit are you? 

  • What can you do to perform optimally every day? 

  • How do you inspire your team? 

  • How do you deal with pressure? 

  • How do you stay resilient in times of crisis? 

  • How do you maintain your energy and motivation?

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Former gymnast Herre Zonderland is an inspired public speaker, who moves people literally and figuratively. He inspires people with his energetic and rapid style of presenting, combined with his experience as an athlete and realistic view on the world. His ambition is to encourage his audience to work on their personal conditions to perform on a daily basis. Not only today and tomorrow, also towards the future. He challenges and lets people reflect on their own conditions. These conditions are e.g. being fit, use brain capacities with focus and managing stress, have a supportive environment and self-reliance to work on their desired behavior. In his keynotes, Herre delivers his messages strongly, with a call to action to make the first step towards more energy, better performance wellbeing and happiness.

Herre Zonderland

A former athlete (gymnastics). Motivates people to work on conditions for their sustainable business performance.

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