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Herre Zonderland

A former athlete (gymnastics). Motivates people to work on conditions for their sustainable business performance.

Dutch, English


Speaker, Trainer, Moderator, Workshops


Energy Management, Resilience, Vitality, Sleep, Work-life, Focus, Relaxation



Resilience & wellbeing


Former gymnast Herre Zonderland is an inspired public speaker, who moves people literally and figuratively. He inspires people with his energetic and rapid style of presenting, combined with his experience as an athlete and realistic view on the world. His ambition is to encourage his audience to work on their personal conditions to perform on a daily basis. Not only today and tomorrow, also towards the future. He challenges and lets people reflect on their own conditions. These conditions are e.g. being fit, use brain capacities with focus and managing stress, have a supportive environment and self-reliance to work on their desired behavior. In his keynotes, Herre delivers his messages strongly, with a call to action to make the first step towards more energy, better performance wellbeing and happiness.

Presentations and Topics

Resilience & wellbeing

Manage your Energy to excel

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How do you ensure a high performance culture, right now?

Testimonials & References

“Thanks so much for your session Herre, great to see your performance. I totally understand why organizations hire you that often”. 

-- Esther de Munnik, Jaarbeurs Utrecht

“You did an amazing job at the stage, I’m very pleased with the result. Great energy and good quality of content with scientific proof”. 

-- Robin van Schaik, Lifeguard

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Femmie van der Sluis

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