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Stronger by stress

Learn how stress can help us to become more resilient in work and life

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During this keynote, Lieven will explore, from his own personal story, topics such as stress and how stress can help us in becoming healthier and happier. 

From evolutionary point of view, short periods of stress has helped the homo sapiens to survive and thrive. Stress can even help us to become stronger on a physical, mental and emotional level. Participants will be able to experience during the keynote how they can influence their own stress levels. 

Using hands on tips & tricks, Lieven will give easy applicable tools which can be used on a daily basis to coop with stress in a sustainable way and even use it to your own advantage.

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Lieven loves to explore and experience all the internal and external boundaries of our human existence. His curiosity for human optimization and exploration has led him to running ultra distances in the deserts of Morocco and the jungle of Brazil. Covering snowy mountains in nothing but some swimming shorts and diving into the ocean on nothing but one breath. After finishing an Executive MBA and working 10 years in a corporate environment, Lieven started his own company Built For Endurance, helping leaders in optimizing their energy, health and performance. His stories are about overcoming fears and how to explore your untapped potential. About finding purpose, happiness and becoming the best version of yourself. We all have the innate capacity to thrive in stressful situations and become stronger and more resilient out of them.

Lieven Van Linden

A long-distance-running-entrepreneur and biohacker, helping people to optimize their health and performance

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