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Lieven Van Linden

A long-distance-running-entrepreneur and biohacker, helping people to optimize their health and performance

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Speaker, Consultant, Coach, Workshops

Dutch, English

stronger by stress, biohacker, performance, change, purpose, personal energy management


Lieven loves to explore and experience all the internal and external boundaries of our human existence. His curiosity for human optimization and exploration has led him to run ultra distances in the deserts of Morocco and the jungles of Brazil. He's covered snowy mountains wearing nothing but swimming shorts and dived into the ocean on nothing but a single breath. 

After completing an Executive MBA and spending 10 years in a corporate environment, Lieven founded his own company, Built For Endurance, aimed at helping leaders optimize their energy, health, and performance. 

His stories center around overcoming fears and unlocking untapped potential, finding purpose, happiness, and striving to become the best version of oneself. Lieven believes in our innate capacity to thrive in stressful situations, emerging stronger and more resilient from them.


The Quantified Self: Using data & technology to accelerate sustainable performance

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Optimize health and performance in a sustainable way

Stronger by stress

Lees verder

Learn how stress can help us to become more resilient in work and life

Reframe your routines

Lees verder

Break the habit of being yourself

Fully Charged - A roadmap towards more energy and better results

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Discover the 3 principles for more resilience and better results.

Breathe less, fear less

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Overcoming fear and anxiety...with one single breath

Leadership transcends mere management. Strong leaders continuously evolve themselves, inspiring their teams to do the same. However, growth and change also demand significant energy. Moreover, leadership begins with self-leadership. Do you have the energy and strength to support your team? When you can leverage technology to gain insight into and accelerate this aspect of your development, true growth becomes possible. As a CEO, I personally experience significant benefits from this approach. It provides new, tangible insights and a better understanding of the impact of factors such as sleep, nutrition, relaxation, and exercise on performance. Lieven excels at providing leaders with simple and accessible insights into biology, science, and practical applications in their daily leadership roles.

SkillsTown Group

Tom Bos, CEO

I've had the pleasure of working with Lieven twice. His book reflects his clear and pragmatic approach, helping everyone turn insights into actionable steps or giving us a nudge to pick up the thread again. We definitely agreed over coffee. Highly recommended!

Nespresso Belgium & Luxemburg

Olivier Perquy

Lieven eloquently illustrates how organizations can inspire employees to utilize various types of personal (wellbeing-related) data insights to develop a more sustainable and effective way of working in the long term. By prioritizing the employee and empowering them with ownership, organizations not only maximize their talents but also set a leading example of good employer practices.


Linda Vos, Head of People Analytics

The soft part is the hard part. This applies not only to organizations in transformation but even more so to ourselves. We all know that we need to approach things differently, but how? And it is precisely this question that Lieven answers clearly. Scientifically substantiated, with a clear model, practical tips, and even a simple KPI so that even the most analytical leader among us has no choice. Lieven shows that change begins with oneself and that reducing and managing stress is no exception. I have been applying some of his tips for a long time, and it really works!

Nova Reperta

Nick Dieltiens, Partner

Today, the combination of a morning ritual (cold shower, walk, and swim) along with regular exercise helps me maintain my energy balance the best.


Bart Claes, CEO

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