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The Quantified Self: Using data & technology to accelerate sustainable performance

Optimize health and performance in a sustainable way

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We are all becoming data donors. Who is nowadays not in one way or another sharing their personal data with external parties, in order to improve a product they own or a service they are using? Also in the field of health & wellbeing, more and more consumers are using wearables to get insights into one or more biomarkers.

In this keynote, Lieven will share which metrics are used to quantify health and wellbeing, and how companies start using biometrical data of employees to optimize the physical, mental and emotional health of their workforce.

Lieven also shares the one health metric that rules them all - Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - and why everyone should start measuring it.

Following a process called biohacking, everyone will be able to optimize their health and performance in a sustainable way.

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Lieven loves to explore and experience all the internal and external boundaries of our human existence. His curiosity for human optimization and exploration has led him to run ultra distances in the deserts of Morocco and the jungles of Brazil. He's covered snowy mountains wearing nothing but swimming shorts and dived into the ocean on nothing but a single breath. 

After completing an Executive MBA and spending 10 years in a corporate environment, Lieven founded his own company, Built For Endurance, aimed at helping leaders optimize their energy, health, and performance. 

His stories center around overcoming fears and unlocking untapped potential, finding purpose, happiness, and striving to become the best version of oneself. Lieven believes in our innate capacity to thrive in stressful situations, emerging stronger and more resilient from them.

Lieven Van Linden

A long-distance-running-entrepreneur and biohacker, helping people to optimize their health and performance

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