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Fully Charged - A roadmap towards more energy and better results

Discover the 3 principles for more resilience and better results.

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"I do not have the energy to continue." It's a sentence more and more leaders nowadays use, indicating that their batteries are running empty.

The speed and complexity of the ever-changing world we live and work in, demands its toll. More than 50% of the managers are currently reporting an overdosis of chronic stress and are as a result heading towards physical and mental exhaustion. More and more people in general are having difficulties with managing their priorities in work and life.

In this inspirational and experiential keynote, Lieven shares the 3 energy principles from his book Fully Charged. You will discover ways to optimise your focus, improve your recovery and expand your energy levels. This will not only result in a better health but will also drastically improve your leadership behaviour and performance. No fluffy advices, but science based principles and methods which you can apply immediately in your daily life.

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Lieven loves to explore and experience all the internal and external boundaries of our human existence. His curiosity for human optimization and exploration has led him to run ultra distances in the deserts of Morocco and the jungles of Brazil. He's covered snowy mountains wearing nothing but swimming shorts and dived into the ocean on nothing but a single breath. 

After completing an Executive MBA and spending 10 years in a corporate environment, Lieven founded his own company, Built For Endurance, aimed at helping leaders optimize their energy, health, and performance. 

His stories center around overcoming fears and unlocking untapped potential, finding purpose, happiness, and striving to become the best version of oneself. Lieven believes in our innate capacity to thrive in stressful situations, emerging stronger and more resilient from them.

Lieven Van Linden

A long-distance-running-entrepreneur and biohacker, helping people to optimize their health and performance

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