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Our Teambuildings

We believe that keynotes and trainings are not the only way to get inspired, learn and grow. That's why we carefully selected some teambuilding formulas to engage with the colleagues in a different way. It's the perfect way to increase togetherness and putting new skills and insights into practice.

Can you floor me?

Learn how to connect in a completely different way!

How to boost engagement through human relations?

Experience moment

Break the ice

Laugh, connect and enjoy!

Heart & Mind Drum workshop

An experience of drumming the biological and resonating together

Laughter yoga team building

Laughter makes employees feel better about themselves, making interactions with colleagues and customers more motivated and friendly.

Half day teambuilding: the power of team dynamics

Interesting keynote, followed by fun workshops improving team cohesion

Fun Teambuilding

(Online) Teambuilding based on improvisational theatre

Discover your voice

Experience a harmonious team

30 days Mental Energy Challenge

Start to meditate together with your team! Let meditation help you and your colleagues to navigate through these challenging times.

Meet your colleague

Parc Solvay and Sonian Forest in La Hulpe

Meet the leader: Parc Solvay La Hulpe

What can leaders today learn from past predecessors?

Working with people: Watermael Bosvoorde and Sonian Forest

Walk for (HR) professionals and team leaders

Discover the city of Brussels

Have a great moment with your colleagues in the city where you work

Yoga Nidra Neuroscience Crash Course Experience

A workshop combining of neuroscience, drumming, yoga and singing

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