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Authentic Intelligence

How to future-proof yourself and your team

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been accelerating the digital revolution and is creating an earlier-than-expected tipping point that is likely to transform businesses forever. Hence the voices asking whether we humans can still compete against robots and artificial intelligence are getting louder. In this highly topical speech, Elke points out that it is time to demystify technology and to shift the focus back onto human beings. 

She examines which uniquely human qualities can be used to secure our professional future, and which assets you really should embed in your organization's DNA if you want to ensure your viability in this disruptive world. 

An inspiring presentation for organizations that already have both feet firmly planted in the future and want to use this pandemic as a transformational momentum.


Elke has a PhD in psychology and has held various academic positions at the universities of Harvard, St Andrews, Maastricht and Rotterdam.

She is CEO of Better Minds at Work and wrote the bestsellers 'Mentaal Kapitaal' (literally, “Mental Capital”; launched in English on the international market under the title Better Minds).

Elke has the ability to hold her audience’s attention from start to finish and offers insights about the brain that can have a lifelong impact.

Elke Geraerts

Doctor in neuropsychology with keynotes about the importance of a resilient brain

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