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Building Your Well-being

From Resilience to Balance

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Resilience in life is the power to thrive amidst challenges. But what does resilience really mean, and why is it so crucial in both our personal and professional lives?

Ann is eager to share some examples and experiences that have shaped her perspective on resilience. How can we develop resilience? What steps can we take to stand stronger in a world filled with changes and challenges?

Striving for a life with less pressure and more balance is a challenge for many today. Stress is omnipresent in our lives. 

Together, we'll explore the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress, learn to recognize its symptoms, and discover how to achieve a better equilibrium.

Expect practical tips for maintaining your balance in the midst of daily chaos. From enhancing time and brain management to practicing more self-care.

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Ann is a pioneer in professionalizing well-being at work. She was the first Wellbeing Director in Belgium (DPG media) and has been a much sought-after and passionate speaker on well-being, work happiness and leadership for years. She wants to convince business leaders to embed well-being in their organization so that it is not just a loose initiative but part of the corporate culture. She makes it clear that well-being within a company is a shared responsibility and focuses on the role of the organization, the manager and the employee.

She inspires board and management teams on the one hand, but is equally asked to inspire the employees themselves with tips and insights for more resilience, a positive mindset, less stress and more balance. Efficient meetings and e-mailing are also discussed, as well as the importance of communication and connection now that many organizations are opting for hybrid working.

Ann wrote the books 'Countdown to Monday' and 'Wellbeing = Profit', and her third book 'je werk of je leven' she co-wrote with Prof Stijn Baert.

Ann is a much sought-after keynote speaker at home and abroad because of her authentic and hands-on approach. In her keynote she opts for a mix of the concrete tips & tricks from her first book and she also focuses on the role of the organization and the manager in the happiness and enthusiasm of employees with strong insights from her second book.

Among others, the following topics can be discussed: - The why of a well-being policy - The role of the organization, the leader and the employee himself - The importance of focus, break and exercise - Keeping connection in a hybrid work system - A more efficient meeting and mail policy - The skills of a good leader, also at a distance - Stress & Attention Management - Keeping a positive mindset in times of change - Selfcare : sleep - nutrition - digital detox.

Ann De Bisschop

The first Wellbeing Director in Belgium :-), Author of 3 books, Keynote speaker & Wellbeing consultant

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