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Ann De Bisschop

The first Wellbeing Director in Belgium :-), Author of 3 books, Keynote speaker & Wellbeing consultant

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Speaker, Consultant

Dutch, French, English

Wellbeing, Happy and Healthy Employees, Work-life, Human Capital


Ann is a trailblazer in professionalizing well-being in the workplace. She held the distinction of being the first Wellbeing Director in Belgium at DPG media and has since become a highly sought-after and passionate speaker on topics such as well-being, work happiness, and leadership. Her mission is to persuade business leaders to integrate well-being into their organizations, making it an intrinsic part of corporate culture rather than a standalone initiative.

She emphasizes that well-being within a company is a collective responsibility, highlighting the roles of the organization, managers, and employees. Ann motivates board and management teams while also inspiring individual employees with practical tips and insights to enhance resilience, foster a positive mindset, reduce stress, and achieve better work-life balance. She delves into topics such as efficient meetings, email management, and the significance of communication and connectivity, especially as organizations adopt hybrid work models.

Ann is the author of the books 'Countdown to Monday' and 'Wellbeing = Profit,' and her collaborative effort with Prof. Stijn Baert resulted in 'je werk of je leven.' Her authentic and hands-on approach has made her a highly sought-after keynote speaker nationally and internationally. Her keynotes blend actionable tips from her books with a focus on the organizational and managerial aspects of employee happiness and engagement.

Her presentations cover a range of topics, including:

  • The rationale behind a well-being policy

  • The roles of the organization, leaders, and employees in fostering well-being

  • The importance of focus, breaks, and physical activity

  • Nurturing connectivity in hybrid work environments

  • Strategies for more effective meetings and email management

  • Essential leadership skills in remote settings

  • Stress and attention management techniques

  • Cultivating a positive mindset during periods of change

  • Self-care practices such as sleep hygiene, nutrition, and digital detoxification.


Building a Strong Organization

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with the 7 Pillars of Wellbeing

Hybrid Harmony

Lees verder

Unlock Your Productivity in Work, Email, and Meetings

Lead with Passion

Lees verder

The Power of Inspirational, Motivational, and Empathetic Leadership

Building Your Well-being

Lees verder

From Resilience to Balance

Thriving in the Workplace

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by Fostering Professional and Personal Well-being

The Impact of AI on Employee Wellbeing

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Balance technological progress and employee wellbeing

Ann heeft voor een grote groep medewerkers een erg pittige keynote gebracht. Door haar enthousiasme en haar positieve uitstraling, heeft ze zowel Franstalige als Nederlandstalige collega’s geïnspireerd. Haar praktische tips zijn bij iedereen erg positief onthaald. Van haar uiteenzetting krijg je energie, en goesting om met haar vele tips meteen aan de slag te gaan.

Belfius Bank

Dominique Top

Ann’s positive energy and optimism are contagious. From the minute she started her keynote on Wellbeing on the workfloor, she captivated everyone at our annual staff meeting (+/- 700 people). Based on scientific research and examples from daily life, Ann handed us tips and tricks to enhance the working environment. I am happy we’ve had the chance to meet and work together.  


Adel Mouchalleh, Communication Expert

Het was een zeer interessante en inspirerende keynote. Het enthousiasme en de praktijkervaring van Ann zorgde voor een boeiende sessie. Met de tips die we kregen, ging ik meteen aan de slag. Zeer fijne en positieve ervaring!   


Steffie Cuypers

Ann haar tips & ervaringen vragen geen grote investeringen maar kleine stappen die een groot effect hebben voor iedereen. Haar passie, communicatiestijl en zeer ‘people centric’ benadering maakt haar uniek. Haar lezing is een waar geschenk voor iedereen! Belgium

Karoline Fievez, Director

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