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Keynotes and speakers on 

Hybrid Working

Isabel De Clercq

Hybrid Work - Working Together Apart

Is a Reset Necessary?

Julie Heyvaert

Activity based working

Jozefien De Feyter

Less contact, more impact

Why the human touch in sales is crucial in an increasingly digital world

Geert Martens

The future is hybrid

Ann De Bisschop

Hybrid Harmony

Unlock Your Productivity in Work, Email, and Meetings

Frans van de Ven

Personal leadership as key to successful hybrid working

Personal leadership is key and critical in dealing with the challenges of a hybrid VUCA world

Tony Crabbe

Managing a hybrid workforce

Build team performance and mental health in a virtual and hybrid context.

Inge van Belle

The (engaged) digital workplace

Master this new context of work from anywhere, anytime from any device and an even fiercer war on talent

Elke Geraerts

The mental reset

How hybrid work and life strengthen resilience

Tom Dijckmans

Connection in a Hybrid Workplace

Who replaces the coffee room?

Frans van de Ven

Personal Leadership at the core of your HR strategy

The impact of putting personal leadership at the core of your HR strategy

Cyriel Kortleven

No More Boring Webinars

Tools to create interaction and engagement in online sessions

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