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Managing a hybrid workforce

Build team performance and mental health in a virtual and hybrid context.

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The talk explores practical strategies to help you succeed, collaborate better and find balance in our world of virtual teams and hybrid working.

How do you, as a manager or leader, build team performance and mental health in a virtual and hybrid context?

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Overwhelmed, distracted, exhausted? Struggling to produce or find balance in our hybrid reality? Tony focuses on how to thrive in a world of too many demands, expectations and messages. How to be successful in your work, and flourish in your home life. Tony's mission is to help people and organizations harness the power of human attention, and use our brain to its full potential. He believes the other great pandemic we face is a lack of attention; a state of perpetual busyness. Despite what we might think, busy is not an inevitable consequence of modern life, it´s a choice. More than that it´s a dumb strategy and a bad set of habits. Tony's talks are grounded in evidence, told as stories and built to become coherent and practical toolkit for our times. They don´t just inspire people, they trigger people to take action. The help people to find a path to a work and life beyond busyness.

Tony Crabbe

Business Psychologist, and author of the global best-selling Busy (Nooit Meer te Druk) and Een Nieuw Begin

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