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Can you floor me?

Learn how to connect in a completely different way!

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A self-defense & judo initiative as team-building in which the basic principles of judo are taught: 

  • how to fall without hurting oneself 

  • the balancing game

  • how to interact with the other

Colleagues can try to throw each other to the ground in a safe way or get the chance to floor the CEO!

Hilarious! This is (body) communication without any form of hierarchy. 

Gella makes the link between judo and collaboration on the work floor. What can we learn from it? 


  • The intensity of the session is adapted to the level of the group. 

  • Length of the initiation: 1h to max. 1,5h. 

  • Equipment: a judo room or mats in a meeting room. We can provide this!  

  • No special clothes are needed. Just take off your shoes! ;)

Optional: biography as a souvenir for the participants or photoshoot with the Olympic gold medal. 

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Gella Vandecaveye starts judo at the age of 8 at Judoclub Zwevegem. Her breakthrough came in '93 with a first world title in Hamilton, Canada and she successfully combines top sport and higher studies in communication management/journalism. In '96 she won a brilliant silver medal after a very difficult course. Breaking her neck in '98 and barely escaping the wheelchair, she became European Champion again 5 months later. Two months before the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 she tore her cruciate ligaments in her right knee. In spite of this, she achieved a second Olympic bronze medal with a broken knee. 8 years after winning her first world title, she becomes world champion for the second time in 2001 and does not lose a single match that year. The reconversion after top sport is going smoothly and there is no question of the black hole. With the same determination, enthusiasm and commitment as in judo, she throws herself into her second life. A jack-of-all-trades, Vandecaveye is reorienting herself to become an independent entrepreneur in "PR & Sport Consulting" and is looking for exciting projects, new horizons and exciting challenges. Her professional activities are mainly focused on companies, the non-profit sector and sport for all. Her life's mission is to inspire people and promote a fit lifestyle through healthy eating, recreational events and sporting initiatives. On the other hand, promotional campaigns, judo initiations and demonstrations, travel shows, PR activities, team building, lectures and incentives also fill her agenda. As a cosmopolitan, she travels the world with her travel project Gella Goes Global. After her biography "Gella & Eddy, a neck-breaking duo", she will publish a second book. Thanks to, despite or partly due to the Corona crisis, Gella was stimulated to reorientate herself, and to reinvent and redirect herself for a second time. In addition to her "PR, Sport Consulting, Event" department, she added another "Real Estate, Renovation, Coordination" section to her professional activities! She takes care of people's renovations, in full transparency and in mutual consultation.

Gella Vandecaveye

Gella Vandecaveye, ex-judoka. Successfully combines top-level sport and higher studies in communication management/journalism, a paragon of willpower, perseverance and boundless ambition.

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