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The power of healthy humor

Learn how to use humor as a form of communication in which everyone can feel good in order to perform and achieve goals in a healthy and wise way.

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Humor seems like a light-hearted subject. But the way humor is used often says something about how someone feels and looks at life.

Humor is therefore not about having to be funny 'always and everywhere'. It is about the dosed use of a form of communication in which everyone can feel good. So that everyone can achieve the goals he or she has set for themselves in a healthy and wise way.

During the fascinating and interactive lecture by humorologist Johan De Keyser you will learn that not all humor is healthy. Mental health has more to do with the presence of healthy humor and the absence of unhealthy humor. By healthy humor we mean the positive look with which you look at life and the way in which you can work together with others in a pleasant and relaxed way. Unhealthy humor is at the expense of yourself and your relationships.

You will also find out how high your personal H.Q. is. You will receive a number of tips to increase that humor quotient by a few percentages and you will learn how to use humor adequately within the context of your organization.

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Over the past 30 years, Johan De Keyser has had the privilege of coaching and training a tremendous number of people, teams and organizations. From alcohol and drug addicts to people with depression or burnout. Both in the social sector and in education. But also in companies and SMEs, from workers to CEOs. He was a ward coordinator in a psychiatric hospital for two years, a Team Development Coach at Lineas, the largest private rail freight operator in Europe, an individual coach and therapist at the therapeutic center Tripsyco and a sociotherapist at day center De Welving of AZ Sint Maarten / Emmaus. In October 2018, his first book "Build your dream team" was published. May 2023 his second book 'Dynamic balance' will be published (both by LannooCampus).

Johan De Keyser

Expert on how to tackle toxic cultures by building dreamteams with powerful people in equivalent relationships. Author of 2 books and the first Humorologist of the BeNeLux.

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