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Empowering welpreneurs: navigate stress and self-care

Unveiling the 4 Levers for entrepreneurial success

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In this keynote Elke covers following topics:

Insightful Approach to Stress:

Elke provides nuanced insights about stress, thereby challenging sometimes conventional wisdom. By unraveling how people think and make decisions, she lays the groundwork for understanding and effectively addressing entrepreneurial stress.

Discover the 4 Levers for Welpreneurs:

Elke unlocks the 4 most impactful levers that consistently put her up for success, as an entrepreneur. These levers are the result of her quest to better navigate the highly dynamic and demanding landscape, taking into account the specific qualities (but also pitfalls) that set entrepreneurs apart.  Backed up by research and inspired by the life of fellow welpreneurs, these insights serve as guiding principles for other entrepreneurs.

Practical Tips and Insights:

Elke shares hands-on tips and easily applicable techniques that surpass outdated non-holistic views on wellbeing. Her entrepreneurial experience allows her to provide concrete strategies that can be immediately implemented, both in the workplace and at home.

Self-Care: Bridging the Gap from Knowing to Doing:

One of Elke's most valuable lessons is the art of self-care. Learn how to bridge the gap between "knowing that self-care is important" and "effectively caring for yourself." With courage, confidence, and enthusiasm, Elke inspires others to prioritize self-care for sustainable success.

Embark on a journey of stress-resilient entrepreneurship with Elke as your guide. Gain insights into the intricacies of stress and practical tools to integrate self-care into your entrepreneurial path. Be inspired by Elke's unique perspectives and language, crafted to build awareness, trigger positivity, and drive action in the workplace, and perhaps even at home.

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Elke is a strategy implementation and organization adviser, a change expert who, throughout her career, moved to the core of what this is all about; getting people into motion. Organizations, teams, leaders,… When she started to understand how people think, make decisions, and she found out how the informal interactions of people within an organization influence and impact engagement and productivity, she was able to design and guide transformations that make organizations thrive. 

As an entrepreneur, Elke was always driven by passion for her work and care for people. Nowadays, as an entrepreneur, she pursues a larger goal with the same level of high dedication and motivation. Therefore, it has become her duty to stay motivated all the time, for others to be their best version. To ensure success, also in the longer term, she had to learn to also take care of herself. This was the most challenging, yet the most fulfilling process so far in her life. 

And in order to continue to support organizations and people in being their best version, also in challenging times, she gladly inspires and supports them in putting this into practice as well. Focusing on performance and wellbeing in challenging times requires courage, confidence, and enthusiasm but also simple yet reasoned perspectives. 

You can expect hands-on tips and easy-to-apply techniques beyond the bog-standard tips. Elke shares insights and a language you can use with confidence and creativity to build awareness and trigger positivity and action at your workplace…and maybe at home.

Elke Struys

Passionate about supporting other in being the best version of themselves, as a leader, intrapreneur,...a person...keeping it simple, yet effective

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