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Boost your (Mental) Energy!

Useful insights and tips to optimize energy levels for the knowledge worker.

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Deadlines, pressure, changes, stress, Nowadays, not only machines crash but also people!

To keep this rhythm going without any human damage, we need to understand how we function and optimize our mental, emotional & physical capacities.

The career of a sports athlete and a corporate athlete is very similar.  That's why Dominique gives her experience in useful insights and tips for the knowledge worker.

Take away from this session:

· How to develop your potential

· How to boost your energy to reach your objective

· The interaction between mental, emotional, physical energy

· How to train like an athlete to become mentally stronger

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With her renowned-worldwide athlete experience, Dominque's drive and belief is that we are our only limit. She inspires people to find the power to move out of their comfort zone and use their potential to impact their business positively. 

Based on her unique path and vibrant energy, she gives dedicated keynotes and tailor-made sessions to help individuals and teams to understand how they can rebound and exceed expectations. 

Dominique is also a great facilitator for your event or talk show.

Dominique Monami

World-famous athlete who has become a speaker and share the lesson-learned throughout her career

#1 speakers agency

- Get inspired, learn & grow

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