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Dominique Monami

World-famous athlete who has become a speaker and share the lesson-learned throughout her career

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Speaker, Moderator, Host, Workshops

French, Dutch, English

Self Leadership, Growth Mindset, Energy Management, Resilience


With her renowned-worldwide athlete experience, Dominque's drive and belief is that we are our only limit. She inspires people to find the power to move out of their comfort zone and use their potential to impact their business positively. 

Based on her unique path and vibrant energy, she gives dedicated keynotes and tailor-made sessions to help individuals and teams to understand how they can rebound and exceed expectations. 

Dominique is also a great facilitator for your event or talk show.


Winning mindset

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The right mindset is key to be successful!

Boost your (Mental) Energy!

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Useful insights and tips to optimize energy levels for the knowledge worker.

It was a real pleasure to have Dominique speak at our international sales meeting. She captured our consultants and customers with her inspiring story and down to earth attitude. It was our first but surely not last time! 


Hung Bauer, VP HR

Dominique was the perfect speaker for our Women in Food event. She made sure that her presentation was catered to our audience. She engaged with them to make the presentation interactive and gave an abundance of tips to boost our energy. The audience was captivated by every word she said. Her open personality also gave the audience the possibility to approach her and speak to her before and after the keynote.

Kathleen Malfroy, CEO

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