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Time Management

How to become insanely productive, sanely

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‘Busy busy ...' - This is the most common answer when we ask people how they’re doing.

The pace of life has increased by trends like globalization and digitalization. Distractions are everywhere and time always seems short.

But how can we stay on top of a never-ending stream of requests and tasks? How to keep focus when email and social media fight for our attention? How to handle the related pressure and stress?  

Time is our most precious resource. We cannot buy it, and it always runs out.

Michael will introduce you to the fundamentals of managing your time wisely. How to translate these fundamentals into your weekly plan. How to be highly productive with respect of your human limits.

So you regain control of your time. So you work on what matters most. So you become immune to distractions. 

To move and KEEP moving mountains. To be there for those who matter. To become insanely productive, sanely.

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In short, I'm a passionately curious & globally experienced Change Agent.
My mission is to help organizations to thrive together with their people.

I work with innovative AND practical frameworks for Team Development and Knowledge Management.
And talk & train about Leadership, Management and Personal Productivity.

Before starting my solopreneur journey, I grew my experience in well-respected international companies.

For Punch Powertrain, I set up the R&D Department in China.
For ZF Group, I transformed the global Product Validation Department of the Windpower Division.

On a personal level, I'm happily married and proud father of 2 kids.
I'm into sports, traveling and personal development.

Michael Houben

Helping you grow a Benchmark Team with inspiring talks and trainings on Knowledge Management, Time Management and Intercultural Cooperation.

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