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Michael Houben

Helping you grow a Benchmark Team with inspiring talks and trainings on Knowledge Management, Time Management and Intercultural Cooperation.

English, Dutch


Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Workshops


Leadership, Management, Knowledge Management, Personal Development, Feedback, Intercultural Cooperation, Cultural Diversity, Time Management, Energy Management



HR, company culture & leadership; Resilience & wellbeing


In short, I'm a passionately curious & globally experienced Change Agent. My mission is to help organizations to thrive together with their people. I work with innovative AND practical frameworks for Team Development and Knowledge Management. And talk & train about Leadership, Management and Personal Productivity. Before starting my solopreneur journey, I grew my experience in well-respected international companies. For Punch Powertrain, I set up the R&D Department in China. For ZF Group, I transformed the global Product Validation Department of the Windpower Division. On a personal level, I'm happily married and proud father of 2 kids. I'm into sports, traveling and personal development.

Presentations and Topics

HR, company culture & leadership

Knowledge Management

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How to retain and grow your organization's knowledge

HR, company culture & leadership

Leading a culturally diverse team

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How to foster understanding and outstanding cooperation between people with different cultural backgrounds

Resilience & wellbeing

Time Management

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How to become insanely productive, sanely

Testimonials & References

➡ Recommendations by training participants:  

(1) 'Ik kan deze opleiding aan iedereen aanraden! Zeer concreet en vol praktische handvaten.'   

(2) 'Bij deze nog eens bedankt voor de training. Het was heel duidelijk en vooral bruikbaar!'  

(3) 'Het was boeiend en zat goed in elkaar. Top!'  

(4) 'Het was erg inspirerend en ik vond het zeer leuk gebracht!'  

➡ Recommendations from in-house assignments  

(1) 'As my manager, I admire Michael's approach as a leader. Michael is a real people manager. His drive and approach to structure our department is a great credit to him. Therefore I also thank Michael for the short but exciting time that we have been able to work together.' 

 (2) 'Michael has outstanding management skill and great charisma. He's particularly strong with a multicultural and diverse workforce. Strongly recommended.'  

(3) 'Michael is a strong leader who's able to quickly develop departments to benchmark level. His teams deliver outstanding work in projects, and possess a growth mindset that allows them to continuously get better and exceed expectations. His innovative methods are being carried over to other departments. We thoroughly recommend Michael for his remarkable skills in management innovation and global people management.'  

(4) 'I have got to know Michael as an open and enthousiastic personality with a high sense for doing the right thing on the right moment. He has shown that professionalism perfectly can be combined with a human touch.'

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