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Knowledge Management

How to retain and grow your organization's knowledge

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Your organization is like a barrel of knowledge. But how to keep this knowledge if employees leave? And how to train new employees faster? Or how to improve cooperation between employees, even across locations and cultures?  

Discover Knowledge Management as the ultimate approach to tackle these questions.  

Michael will introduce you to the 4 core elements of Knowledge Management.  How to deploy them without expensive and inefficient software. How to merge them with the other aspects of your organization. Like the career tracks for your employees. 

So your employees no longer have to waste time looking for knowledge. So they don't have to reinvent the wheel. So mistakes won't reoccur.  

To make knowledge flow and GROW. To achieve more, TOGETHER with your employees. To ELEVATE your organization to the next level.

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In short, I'm a passionately curious & globally experienced Change Agent.
My mission is to help organizations to thrive together with their people.

I work with innovative AND practical frameworks for Team Development and Knowledge Management.
And talk & train about Leadership, Management and Personal Productivity.

Before starting my solopreneur journey, I grew my experience in well-respected international companies.

For Punch Powertrain, I set up the R&D Department in China.
For ZF Group, I transformed the global Product Validation Department of the Windpower Division.

On a personal level, I'm happily married and proud father of 2 kids.
I'm into sports, traveling and personal development.

Michael Houben

Helping you grow a Benchmark Team with inspiring talks and trainings on Knowledge Management, Time Management and Intercultural Cooperation.

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