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Leading a culturally diverse team

How to foster understanding and outstanding cooperation between people with different cultural backgrounds

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Globalization turned many organizations into cultural melting pots.

But how to handle the challenges that such diversity brings along? How to ensure employees understand each other and cooperate well? What can you do as a leader in this situation?

Modern culture frameworks provide concrete answers to these questions.

Michael will introduce you to the 8 dimensions of intercultural cooperation. How these dimensions influence your personal being. How to use them to lead across cultural chasms. 

So you gain understanding of how culture impacts perception and behavior. So you master how to overcome cultural barriers. So you learn how to raise the cultural awareness of your employees. 

To grow a truly inclusive team. A team where diversity drives excellence and performance. A team where people feel home.  

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In short, he is a passionately curious and globally experienced Change Agent. His mission is to assist organizations in thriving alongside their people. He employs innovative and practical frameworks for Team Development and Knowledge Management, and he delivers talks and training sessions on Leadership, Management, and Personal Productivity. Prior to embarking on his journey as a solopreneur, he gained valuable experience in well-respected international companies.

At Punch Powertrain, he established the R&D Department in China, and at ZF Group, he led the transformation of the global Product Validation Department within the Windpower Division. 

On a personal note, he is happily married and a proud father of two children. He enjoys sports, traveling, and personal development pursuits.

Michael Houben

Helping you grow a Benchmark Team with inspiring talks and trainings on Knowledge Management, Time Management and Intercultural Cooperation.

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