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Delve into insightful keynotes and expert speakers focused on leadership. 

Effective leadership is paramount for guiding teams, driving success, and navigating challenges in today's dynamic business landscape. 

Booking a keynote speaker on leadership can provide valuable insights, strategies, and best practices to inspire and empower leaders at all levels within your organization. 

Discover our curated list of leadership-focused keynotes and speakers, and unlock the potential to cultivate strong, visionary leaders who drive innovation, engagement, and sustainable growth!

Julie Brown

Unleashing Leadership Potential

Navigating Success Through Self-Leadership

Stefaan van Hooydonk

Leading with Curiosity

For People Managers

Jens Heitland

Leading with Impact

Practical Tools that I utilized as the global Head of Innovation IKEA Centres.

Frans van de Ven

What kind of leader do you want to be?

Become the best version of yourself

Michael Houben

Leading a culturally diverse team

How to foster understanding and outstanding cooperation between people with different cultural backgrounds

Richard van Hooijdonk

AI for managers

Unlocking the power of artificial intelligence in organizations

Leo van Woerden

Leadership and vitality growth program

For leaders looking to improve their team's performance

Jan Puype

Meet the leader: Parc Solvay La Hulpe

What can leaders today learn from past predecessors?

Rik Moons

Why your solution is the problem

How far do you guide your team, and at what point do you set them free?

Elke Jeurissen

The journey to inclusive leadership

Why diversity is not a problem, but a growth opportunity for your organization.

Najima El Kasmi

Leadership in Change

Turning resistance into growth

Alain Thys

How to Be(come) a Customer-centric Leader?

The true meaning of customer-centric leadership

Tony Crabbe

Managing a hybrid workforce

Build team performance and mental health in a virtual and hybrid context.

Rik Moons

Leadership - deciding and letting go

also during crisis situations

Julie Heyvaert

Leading in times of change


Katrijn Steenbeke

Positive leadership

Positive leadership makes great leaders great

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

Rethinking leadership for a sustainable future

How to become a sustainable leader

Richard van Hooijdonk

The future of leadership

Navigating uncertainty in the era of rapid change

Rik Vera

Managers the Day after Tomorrow

What management should be like in these disruptive times

Ann De Bisschop

Lead with Passion

The Power of Inspirational, Motivational, and Empathetic Leadership

Minke Tromp

Wisdom and Leadership

Are we doing the right things and perceiving them correctly?

Fiona Passantino

Habits of High-Visibility Leaders

How can leaders increase their presence, visibility, and interaction?

Véronique Bockstal

How to be(come) a sage leader?

Male leadership is associated with words like strong, dominant, assertive, competitive. Female leadership is associated with words like emotional, empathetic, compassionate, collaborative, intuitive. But what about sage leadership?

Bert Van Wassenhove

A trip along the yellow brick road of new organization models

A journey along a variety of alternative ways of working, managing and building businesses, from the network economy to sociocracy 3.0

Minke Tromp

Wisdom and Impact

Create magnanimous leadership, beyond doubt

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