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Positive leadership

Positive leadership makes great leaders great

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The research so far is clear. Being a positive leader is not just a nice way to lead. It is the way to lead if you want to build a great culture, unite your organization, develop a connected and committed team and achieve excellent and superior results.

Different theories on positive leadership unite several elements based on positive psychology such as 

  • a focus on strengths, on what is outstanding and constructive in the leader

  • a clear view on the positive impact on followers like confidence and trust

  • a purpose that goes beyond the self-interest of the individual leader

In this inspirational session you will get some insights in

  • helping you understand who you are as a leader

  • pointing out how you can discover your strengths

  • explaining how you can develop a growth mindset for self and others

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Katrijn is founding partner at marbl, a firm driven by the belief that much untapped potential resides in all organisations. She is absolutely convinced that translating this belief into organisational cultures leads to cutting-edge results. She brings corporate positivity, a trademark registered by marbl, into the corporate world through keynotes, inspirational sessions, workshops, development programs. Katrijn has a passion for Asian history, culture and food. Anything related to Japan, makes her heart beat faster.

Katrijn Steenbeke

Corporate Positivity Activist, addicted to the power of positive psychology. Experienced speaker, trainer, coach, with an international corporate background in a variety of markets.

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