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Habits of High-Visibility Leaders

How can leaders increase their presence, visibility, and interaction?

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Inspiring leaders share certain habits; they walk the corridors, are seen at the lunchrooms and participate in the after-work drink rituals. But more often than not, our top-level leaders live in another world; they work at the same company with the same goals, vision and share the same elevators, but are invisible to the community working around them. How can leaders increase their presence, visibility, and interaction with the people making the company run, and still meet the needs of other stakeholders, clients, partners and board members?

We humans believe in things we see. Our concept of reality is built largely through our senses, and feeling the presence of leadership in our daily working lives communicates culture and purpose more powerfully than words. When our leaders are with us, working alongside us, ready to listen, this builds trust, inspires and empowers.  

Five habits of high-visibility leaders  

  1. Walk the halls, sit in the lunchroom 

  2. Comment, like, post, share 

  3. Delegate the high-profile tasks 

  4. Regular drop-in open Q&A 

  5. Publish thought leadership

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Speaker, author, blogger, YouTuber, leadership coach and comic book illustrator, Fiona is an executive coach for matters of culture and engagement for large multinationals. Her latest book in the Comic Books for Executives series is titled The Handbook for Post-Covid Engagement and was nominated finalist for the UK Business Book Awards .

Long before the pandemic changed everything about the way we live and work, Fiona Passantino started as an old-school comic artist, writer and game designer. In 2020 she achieved a masters in management, and then worked as Creative Lead, Senior Visual Communicator, Innovation Advisor, Explainer and Storyteller for some of the largest multinationals in Europe, hopping from Vienna, London, Budapest to Brussels and Amsterdam. She now lives in the Hague with her family.

The Comic Book for Executives combine highly visual storytelling with research-driven guides for improving our internal communications and employee engagement in our post-Covid world.

Fiona Passantino

Speaker, author, comic book illustrator. Expert on internal communications and employee engagement.

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