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Fiona Passantino

Speaker, author, podcaster, thought leader. Expert on the Human-AI connection: engagement, communication, culture and AI integration.

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Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Host, Workshops

English, Dutch

AI, Innovation, Transformation, Engagement, Communication, Community Building, Hybrid Working, Leadership


Speaker, author, trainer and coach, Fiona is a specialist of the Human at Work, leadership and the integration of AI into our working lives. She focuses on positive culture and engagement for large multinationals.

Fiona is the author of the Comic Books for Executive Series and produces a regular podcast and video series called “Working Humans”. Her latest book, “The Handbook for Post-Covid Engagement” won at the UK Business Book Awards and received a Goody Award for thought leadership. Her new book is entitled “AI Powered”, due for release this year.

Fiona spent many years in the corporate space in HR, in the area of internal communications and employee engagement. She has been Creative Lead, Senior Visual Communicator, Innovation Advisor, Explainer and Storyteller for some of the largest multinationals in Europe, in Vienna, London, Budapest, Brussels and Amsterdam. In 2020 she achieved a master’s in business management and AI concentration.

Today, Fiona is a highly effective visual storytelling and stand-up comedian in training. She weaves solid, serious, research-driven advice with laughter and fun, guides for improving our working lives at any organization.


High-Visibility Habits for Women at Work

Lees verder

Support and fuel female professionals on International Women’s Day

The AI-Human Co-Creation Workflow

Lees verder

Understanding AI and augmenting the Human for non-technical professional teams

Burning out, and “Burning in”

Lees verder

The key to wellbeing is less rather than more; building in space for silence and creativity.

H2H Communication: “Human to Human"

Lees verder

Re-examine how we communicate and use the power of our humanity to form a connection.

AI-Powered Sales

Lees verder

Introduction to AI for the non-technical Sales Professional

AI-Integration Strategy for Communication Professionals

Lees verder

An introduction to multimodal integration for non-technical working teams

Habits of High-Visibility Leaders

Lees verder

How can leaders increase their presence, visibility, and interaction?

AI-Powered HR

Lees verder

Supporting the most Human role of them all

Engage, Connect, Inspire your teams

Lees verder

a Roadmap for Leaders

Listening and Creating a Culture of Collaboration

Lees verder

As we enter the post-Covid period in our history and battle the demons of the Great Resignation, listening to what we need is more important than ever. Keeping employees happy and not quitting is now a matter of business survival.

I was great listening to Fiona's keynote presentation yesterday! I was thoroughly taken by what she had to say and really got me thinking about my own organisations short comings (and positive aspects!) with regards to focus and engagement! Absolutely delighted to have been introduced to her and her work. Thank you!

The Chartered Banker Institute

G. Hunter

I really enjoyed Fiona's session in particular; I've already used the 'flow' concept in two conversations already - one with my son and one with a friend.


P. Deaken

Fiona was brilliant. I really enjoyed the visuals and the insights. Evidence based, inspiring and practical - thank you!

 Glasgow Caledonian University

F. Martin, National HR Network Awards

I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona's session; it was extremely thought provoking (I was quoting some of her stats to my partner last night around burnout as he works too hard!).

Coaching Culture Ltd

A. MacDonald

Fiona Passantino, thank you for your fantastic and engaging presentation! Thoroughly enjoyed the event and the presentations by all the speakers at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium.

Strand Solicitors

A. A. Sheikh

Great keynote by Fiona Passantino about how one can drive engagement in jobs with lower autonomy, or lower org commitment. Her thoughts on gamification and encouraging a healthy competition to foster performance as well as engagement in such jobs is a very interesting approach.

University of Strathclyde

S. Sachdeva

I really enjoyed Fiona's presentation (and her boots!). I will definitely be taking some learnings on conscious workload reduction back to my team. I intend to keep up with her work.

Leading Kind

S. Kincaid

I loved this from Fiona Passantino We all talk about encouraging a diverse range of opinions but that can mean we need to learn to handle creative Rebels.


C. Moore

Really inspiring keynote at #hrnc23 from the amazing Fiona Passantino on how to be engaged, focused, and how to prioritise the 'human' in 'human resources’. I especially loved how she talked about real fun vs forced fun at work, so much of it resonated with me!"

Roffey Park Institute

K. Male

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