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H2H Communication: “Human to Human"

Re-examine how we communicate and use the power of our humanity to form a connection.

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Communication, in the end, is one human speaking and listening to another human; whether this is done on a massive scale across digital channels or in a small room on-site. As the post-pandemic world rebuilds itself and shapes a new path forward, we need to re-examine how we communicate and use the power of our humanity to form a connection. Our human ability to be the signal amidst the noise of our current media landscape of pseudo- and hyper-connected social media.

  • Communicating Diversity: 

Today we need to clearly signal our seriousness about diversity, inclusion and belonging to an ever-wider group of people. Visual communication is the key to speaking to us all; universally understood content that is highly effective and fits our new, digital context in our hybrid, remote world.  

  • Lessons from Mythology  

As our world becomes ever more complicated and our way of life more fragile, we need the skills of the ancient Storyteller and the tools of the Epic and metaphor to deliver us the information we need to survive as a tribe, and to inspire, to align and to remind us of who we are. In this strange, post-pandemic moment in our histories, it’s important to understand that we are deep in an unfolding Epic of our own.   

  • Creating a Conversation 

Good communication is iterative; there is messaging and then there is the equal but opposite reaction from the audience. Whether it’s a talk at a bar with an old friend or a keynote speech, building in listening channels keep your audience engaged and involved in the topic.

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Speaker, author, blogger, YouTuber, leadership coach and comic book illustrator, Fiona is an executive coach for matters of culture and engagement for large multinationals. Her latest book in the Comic Books for Executives series is titled The Handbook for Post-Covid Engagement and was nominated finalist for the UK Business Book Awards .

Long before the pandemic changed everything about the way we live and work, Fiona Passantino started as an old-school comic artist, writer and game designer. In 2020 she achieved a masters in management, and then worked as Creative Lead, Senior Visual Communicator, Innovation Advisor, Explainer and Storyteller for some of the largest multinationals in Europe, hopping from Vienna, London, Budapest to Brussels and Amsterdam. She now lives in the Hague with her family.

The Comic Book for Executives combine highly visual storytelling with research-driven guides for improving our internal communications and employee engagement in our post-Covid world.

Fiona Passantino

Speaker, author, comic book illustrator. Expert on internal communications and employee engagement.

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