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Explore inspiring keynotes and expert speakers dedicated to innovation. 

In today's fast-paced and competitive business environment, innovation is the key to staying ahead and driving sustainable growth. 

Booking a keynote speaker on innovation can ignite creativity, share cutting-edge strategies, and inspire a culture of continuous improvement within your organization. 

Discover our curated list of innovation-focused keynotes and speakers, and unlock new opportunities for groundbreaking ideas, products, and services that propel your business forward!

Yoav Nir

Busting the myths of innovation

Yoav inspires with his humor, chotspe and savoir-faire. The audience can immediately take their Innovation insights and learning with confidence into practice.

Tamara Makoni

Use inclusion to spark innovation

Is innovation your goal? A culture of inclusion is your best way to make this a reality.

Bert Van Wassenhove

Transformation from within, innovate through intrapreneurship

How to make intrapreneurship work in their organization.

Erwin Van den Brande

From Art Thinking to Game Changing

Many leaders want to change the game of the market in which they are operating and make an impact on society. These challenges require creativity and innovation.

Olivier Van Duüren

See what’s happening on the Outside

Stefaan van Hooydonk

Curiosity: The Key Element for Creating a Winning Culture

For Senior Executives

Yoav Nir

The Corporate Unicorn

Dado Van Peteghem

Level Up: what you can learn from the world of games

Insight into the dynamics behind the innovation and the tactics that create strong, revenue-generating fan communities

Bert Van Wassenhove

The essence of innovation from Woody Allen to Leonhard Cohen

Inspiration and Hands-on advice to kickstart innovation in your organization.

Erwin Van den Brande


Organizations are seeking other, new, original and authentic ways to set up their marketing, boost their brand, foster innovation and initiate research. The arts and culture can help in many ways.

Jo Caudron

The Future Formula

In search of the rules of tomorrow.

Joachim De Vos

Why Innovation Fails & 7 Keys to Success

How to innovate your organisation to stay relevant in these challenging times? The do's and don'ts of sustainable innovation.

Jens Heitland

Innovate the Human Way

What I learned from innovating as the global head of innovation IKEA centres

Gil Nimmegeers

How big companies can innovate like start ups

If you want to learn how to ship digital products in a matter of weeks, you need to stick to 5 core principles. Learn the exact steps it takes to build a winning digital product and to become a digital trailblazer.

Katja Schipperheijn

A Learning Mindset in the Age of Innovation

Unleash potential with a learning mindset supported by emerging innovations

Olivier Van Duüren

What can you learn from the top 20 Business Transformation of the past decade?

Christophe Jauquet


Innovate for what matters most to your customers²

Cyriel Kortleven

Crossing Borders

What can your organisation learn from other industries & other surprising sources?

Chris Heemskerk

Building An Innovation Engine

The art and science of innovation that is practiced by the world’s leading organizations

Rik Vera

Business Agility

The new imperative for innovation and growth

Chris Heemskerk

Building an AI-first Company

AI fundamentals, use cases, the importance of AI adoption, and strategies for integrating AI into organizations

Rik Vera

The Guide to the Ecosystem Economy

Unveiling the Blueprint for Sustainable Business Success

Katja Schipperheijn

Continuous improvement through innovation and learning

Keynote and workshop based on the book Learning Ecosystems, finalist best international business books

Dr. Audrey-Flore Ngomsik

The Return of Investment on social sustainability

And why should social sustainability be part of your business?

Tom De Ruyck

Building an Innovation Culture

4 Characteristics of a Future Proof Organization

Veerle Dobbelaere

Improvisatie innoveert

Samen spelenderwijs improviseren om tot grootse persoonlijke en team-verbonden resultaten te komen

Yoav Nir

From idea to product-market fit

Testimonial of a Corporate Entrepreneur

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