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The Corporate Unicorn

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A Unicorn is a startup that is valued at over $1billion.  

How can a Unicorn sprout from your Corporation?  

Is it at all possible and how do you get started?  

How big is the team and who should be in it? 

What is best practice and are there pitfalls?  

What does it take from top management? 

What is the link with sales and Customer Experience? 

Yoav will provide all the answers in this entertaining webinar.

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Creative entrepreneur with a remarkable track record (ClickShare inventor & Virtual Reality pioneer) of creating and realizing an innovative and strategic vision of products and markets strategy. Public speaking is Yoav's favorite way to share both his knowledge and over 20 years of experience. He strives to entertain, to motivate and to inspire people, using sparkles of “his peculiar dry humor”. Speaking from the gut and from his personal experience, he typically covers the full spectrum, from theory to reality to best practices. Yoav is specialised in topics such as game-changing innovation, creativity, intrapreneurship and perseverance through uncertainty.

Yoav Nir

Co-inventor of ClickShare®, Virtual and Augmented Reality pioneer and author of the book Game-changing Innovation

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