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Use inclusion to spark innovation

Is innovation your goal? A culture of inclusion is your best way to make this a reality.

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In today's VUCA world change is omnipresent. And from cybersecurity to climate change, the challenges we face are more complex than ever. To succeed, we need to collaborate in new ways and embrace innovative solutions.  

Diverse teams think differently, generate more revenue and are more productive. But it's inclusion, not diversity, that catalyses this success. Because in a culture of belonging every voice is heard - and everyone empowered to use their talents to create lasting business value.  

From the cycle of exclusion to lessons on winning the war for talent, this talk explains how inclusion underpins innovation. And how you can use it to create competitive advantage.

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Did you know diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions? They're also better at capturing new markets and earning revenue than homogenous teams. But this isn't down to diversity alone: it's inclusion that turns diversity into a superpower. Tamara is an award-winning inclusion and culture expert who helps leaders embed inclusion into processes and systems to enable diverse profiles to flourish. The result? More effective collaboration and a fertile environment for innovation. A natural storyteller, she engages and inspires audiences through well crafted, relevant content. Her approach draws upon cross-cultural theory, as well as her varied experiences of living on 3 continents and spending 11+ years leading programs at multinational organizations.

Tamara Makoni

Inclusion & culture expert who helps leaders use diversity to catalyse innovation and growth

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