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Tamara Makoni

Inclusion & culture expert who helps leaders use diversity to catalyse innovation and growth



Speaker, Trainer, Workshops, Consultant


inclusion, diversity, inclusive leadership, innovation, culture, talent, communication



HR, company culture & leadership; Business and strategy, Technology, transformation & innovation


Did you know diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions? They're also better at capturing new markets and earning revenue than homogenous teams. But this isn't down to diversity alone: it's inclusion that turns diversity into a superpower. Tamara is an award-winning inclusion and culture expert who helps leaders embed inclusion into processes and systems to enable diverse profiles to flourish. The result? More effective collaboration and a fertile environment for innovation. A natural storyteller, she engages and inspires audiences through well crafted, relevant content. Her approach draws upon cross-cultural theory, as well as her varied experiences of living on 3 continents and spending 11+ years leading programs at multinational organizations.

Presentations and Topics

HR, company culture & leadership

Use inclusion to spark innovation

Lees verder

Is innovation your goal? A culture of inclusion is your best way to make this a reality.

Business and strategy

Building bridges across cultures

Lees verder

How you can harness cultural diversity to fuel business growth

HR, company culture & leadership

Accelerating the path to gender equality

Lees verder

Gender inequality is a key challenge of our time. How can we accelerate progress - and how does doing this benefit us all?

Testimonials & References

“I found the session really insightful and thought-provoking. Tamara is excellent!”  

“Your presentation was really interesting and your energy was incredible!”  

“The way you state the benefits and pitfalls of D&I is wonderfully clear and still motivating.”  

“What an insightful and eye-opening meeting. You left everyone speechless processing all the information!”

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