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Building bridges across cultures

How you can harness cultural diversity to fuel business growth

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What does 'culture eats strategy for breakfast' actually mean? And have you ever wondered why it's breakfast that gets a mention, not lunch or dinner?  

Culture is the invisible air we breathe - and successfully navigating cultural differences is vital for every business professional in today's globalised economy. This talks lifts the lid on cultural diversity and shares insights and strategies that empower listeners to effectively bridge the culture gap.  

Topics include: 

  • The cultural iceberg

  • To DIE or not to DIE? 

  • Generation and other trends in the multicultural workplace

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Did you know that diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions? They're also more adept at capturing new markets and generating revenue compared to homogenous teams. However, this isn't solely attributable to diversity; it's inclusion that transforms diversity into a superpower. 

Tamara, an award-winning inclusion and culture expert, assists leaders in integrating inclusion into processes and systems to empower diverse profiles to thrive. The outcome? Enhanced collaboration and a conducive environment for innovation. 

A natural storyteller, she captivates and motivates audiences with well-crafted, pertinent content. Her approach draws upon cross-cultural theory, as well as her diverse experiences of living on three continents and leading programs at multinational organizations for over 11 years.

Tamara Makoni

Inclusion & culture expert who helps leaders use diversity to catalyse innovation and growth

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