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From Art Thinking to Game Changing

Many leaders want to change the game of the market in which they are operating and make an impact on society. These challenges require creativity and innovation.

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The playing field of business leaders is becoming more complex and less predictable. Disruptive evolutions are rapidly approaching companies and business leaders are looking for new and different ways to address these challenges. Many leaders want to change the game of the market in which they are operating and make an impact on society. These challenges require creativity and innovation.   

Art is more than an object, a melody or a “performance”. It is also a way of thinking, working and living: an attitude. From the art world, there are cognitive processes and methods that help us not only live and work more creatively and innovatively, but also be radically innovative and transformative.   

Art thinking also teaches us how to deal with uncertainty, ambiguity and helps us to form a picture of the future. Our aim is to anchor art thinking within companies.  

During the presentation or workshop we will zoom in on the concepts of game changing, innovation and creativity. We will also explain how to increase creativity and innovation by learning from the cognitive processes and methods of artists and designers whose core activity is to be creative and innovative. There are more than forty such specific artist characteristics. Depending on the time we have, we will deal with qualities such as imagination, positive belief, visualization, experimenting, research, problem creation, looking for the paradox, observing and making new connections.  

During a keynote or a workshop, all these concepts are explained and deepened through many examples, diagrams, and case studies. The presentations provide new insights, are inspiring, and provide tools so that concepts can later be implemented within the organization.

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Erwin Van den Brande has set himself the goal of bringing the cultural and creative world and the world of business closer together. Companies are confronted with (disruptive) challenges and this requires a different approach and thinking. Business leaders can learn from the art world and vice versa.

Erwin Van den Brande has an economic background and has held management positions in a number of technology companies. He is an entrepreneur and was the founder of several start-ups. Since 2010 he has been a visual artist with exhibitions in Belgium and abroad. His passion is to bring together the two worlds that at first sight are far apart. Art as a way of thinking, living and working is the binding agent for him. He is the founder of Dual&Day.

Dual&Day helps companies with artification and cultural actors to make a creative connection with the companies, through lectures, workshops, advisory processes, publications and concrete artification projects.

Erwin Van den Brande

Advocate of paradoxes and oxymorons because they provide new insights

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