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How big companies can innovate like start ups

If you want to learn how to ship digital products in a matter of weeks, you need to stick to 5 core principles. Learn the exact steps it takes to build a winning digital product and to become a digital trailblazer.

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There are many moving targets when building digital products. KPI's, stakeholders, deadlines, management, and validation all need to be taken care of. 

The only way to excel expectations is to innovate like a start up.

What you will learn during this talk:  

1. How to use a simple tool to prioritize your roadmap. So you always know what to build next.  

2. Two secret concepts that allow teams to align like never before while making them up to 10 times faster (not a hyperbole)  

3. A ridiculously efficient way of uncovering precisely what your target audience wants in just four days. Never guess again.  

4. A surprisingly simple trick to align even the most difficult and opinionated stakeholders on doing the right thing (without hours of useless meetings)  

5. A little-known framework from behavioral science that gets your users to come back to your product every day while improving their lives.

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When Gil started his career as a functional analyst at a Belgian bank, he managed to ship a fintech product in just a couple of months. It turned out this wasn't the norm. After that, he started Bothrs to help even the slowest company innovate and shape at dazzling speed. Listen to Gil's talks to learn how to boost your people, process, and technology to accelerate your digital innovation.

Gil Nimmegeers

Co-founder of Bothrs, Gil makes it possible for organizations to kick start and ship digital products in a matter of weeks.

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