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High-Visibility Habits for Women at Work

Support and fuel female professionals on International Women’s Day

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A chair is a solid, real thing to us. We sit on it, stand on it, trust it to hold our weight. But it’s  mostly empty space, held together by unimaginably tiny particles using a great deal of energy. We humans believe in the things we see. When we see and feel the presence of others, we are  drawn to them, trust them, listen to them, engage with them, and support them.  

Visible professionals, male and female, at any level, share certain characteristics. They connect,  convince and compel. They are role models and mentors, confident and respectful. They are  helpful and accept help, they give and receive feedback, can make difficult decisions and conduct uncomfortable conversations. 

Becoming connected and visible at work is a practice of consistent actions that can be learned  and incorporated into a daily routine without adding time to a busy schedule. Female  professionals have a special set of skills and superpowers we bring to the work floor, as well as  our own set of demons, mindsets and cultural expectations to wrestle with. 

Workshop topics: 

  • Understanding the roles we play at work and our attitudes. 

  • The state of women’s’ engagement and self-assessment of our effectiveness. 

  • Our demons: environment, thinking, many roles. A bit of “tough love” from one woman to  another: our need for control, our lack of psychological safety, our need to multitask,  over-perform. We may feel uncomfortable leveraging our networks. We may let our  emotions undermine our consistency, we may over-think and become paralyzed. 

  • Our superpowers: skills and strengths, natural networking abilities and what we lose when we try to go it alone. Our ability to listen, empathy and intuition, instinct to support, our humor, our voices, and our brains. 

  • We are experts in pattern recognition, 360-degree vision. We identify with stakeholders. 

  • TIP 1: become the expert: Becoming highly knowledgeable in a small area, you are the  “go-to” person for anything on that matter. Work this passion into everything you do. 

  • TIP 2: upskill natural networking: be present and make interactions memorable. 

  • TIP 3: dare to be seen: walk the corridors, engage as a habit. Make the strategic casual  conversation part of your work day.

  • TIP 4: engage digitally: get into the social stream in the right way. How and when to  publish, what, how often and where. 

  • TIP 5: smart delegation: knowing when to seek help, help others, share the burden. For  many, a double-win for your network and your own brand as an expert

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Speaker, author, trainer and coach, Fiona is a specialist of the Human at Work, leadership and the integration of AI into our working lives. She focuses on positive culture and engagement for large multinationals.

Fiona is the author of the Comic Books for Executive Series and produces a regular podcast and video series called “Working Humans”. Her latest book, “The Handbook for Post-Covid Engagement” won at the UK Business Book Awards and received a Goody Award for thought leadership. Her new book is entitled “AI Powered”, due for release this year.

Fiona spent many years in the corporate space in HR, in the area of internal communications and employee engagement. She has been Creative Lead, Senior Visual Communicator, Innovation Advisor, Explainer and Storyteller for some of the largest multinationals in Europe, in Vienna, London, Budapest, Brussels and Amsterdam. In 2020 she achieved a master’s in business management and AI concentration.

Today, Fiona is a highly effective visual storytelling and stand-up comedian in training. She weaves solid, serious, research-driven advice with laughter and fun, guides for improving our working lives at any organization.

Fiona Passantino

Speaker, author, podcaster, thought leader. Expert on the Human-AI connection: engagement, communication, culture and AI integration.

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