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Leadership in Change

Turning resistance into growth

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This keynote addresses the crucial role of leaders in navigating resistance and conflicts within organizations. In a rapidly changing business world, leaders learn how to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and collaboration, utilizing empathetic leadership techniques and effective communication strategies.

The presentation begins by exploring the deeper causes of resistance within teams and organizations, and its impact on the dynamics of the business. Participants learn empathetic leadership techniques that can transform resistance into engagement and innovation. The keynote also emphasizes the importance of effective communication in bridging communication gaps and conducting constructive conversations.

Next, the complex terrain of conflict management is addressed. Participants gain insights into identifying, managing, and transforming conflicts into growth opportunities. Practical mediation techniques and exercises are provided to address conflicts in a constructive manner. This session is essential for leaders aiming to make a positive impact on their teams and organization by turning challenges into opportunities.

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Najima El Kasmi, founder of Almuruna, is a seasoned leader advocating for resilience, inclusivity, and people-centered approaches within organizations. With over two decades of experience, Najima has become a visionary in driving organizational development and empowering individuals.

Najima's innovative methodologies, rooted in authentic communication and experiential learning, aim to optimize organizational performance and foster a safe, inclusive culture. Her unique approach in professional development initiatives generates lasting impacts on both personal and professional levels.

About Almuruna

'Almuruna,' Arabic for flexibility and resilience, guides Najima's team in helping businesses discover and strengthen organizational resilience. Resilient organizations, in Almuruna's vision, are agile and future-proof, with a focus on inclusivity. The team at Almuruna recognizes the uniqueness of each individual, team, or organization, delivering customized organizational development to promote growth.

Expertise in Training, Workshops, and Keynotes

Najima is an expert speaker on various topics, including psychological safety, authentic communication, diversity and inclusion, and people-centered leadership. Her sessions reflect her ability to make complex topics accessible and relevant to a broad audience.

Publications and Awards

Najima's contributions to publications and projects, including receiving the Piet Cleemput Prize in 2006, showcase her dedication to impactful research. Her research on resilience enhancement, titled "Strong Mothers, Strong Children," has been published in The Journal of Social Intervention (2020).

Najima El Kasmi

Champion of leadership, flexibility, and forward-thinking within organizations, always with a deep core focus on resilience, connection, inclusivity, and people-centered leadership.

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