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Najima El Kasmi

Champion of leadership, flexibility, and forward-thinking within organizations, always with a deep core focus on resilience, connection, inclusivity, and people-centered leadership.

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Speaker, Workshops, Consultant, Coach, Trainer

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Resilience, winning teams, connection, group dynamics, DE&I, Trust, Psychological Safety


Najima El Kasmi, founder of Almuruna, is a seasoned leader advocating for resilience, inclusivity, and people-centered approaches within organizations. With over two decades of experience, Najima has become a visionary in driving organizational development and empowering individuals.

Najima's innovative methodologies, rooted in authentic communication and experiential learning, aim to optimize organizational performance and foster a safe, inclusive culture. Her unique approach in professional development initiatives generates lasting impacts on both personal and professional levels.

About Almuruna

'Almuruna,' Arabic for flexibility and resilience, guides Najima's team in helping businesses discover and strengthen organizational resilience. Resilient organizations, in Almuruna's vision, are agile and future-proof, with a focus on inclusivity. The team at Almuruna recognizes the uniqueness of each individual, team, or organization, delivering customized organizational development to promote growth.

Expertise in Training, Workshops, and Keynotes

Najima is an expert speaker on various topics, including psychological safety, authentic communication, diversity and inclusion, and people-centered leadership. Her sessions reflect her ability to make complex topics accessible and relevant to a broad audience.

Publications and Awards

Najima's contributions to publications and projects, including receiving the Piet Cleemput Prize in 2006, showcase her dedication to impactful research. Her research on resilience enhancement, titled "Strong Mothers, Strong Children," has been published in The Journal of Social Intervention (2020).


Leadership in Change

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Turning resistance into growth

Building Bridges: Mastery in Intercultural and Intergenerational Communication

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Navigating the Tapestry of Diversity in Modern Business

Psychological Safety

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Unlocking Innovation through Trust and Openness

The workshop on persuasion and argumentation is much more interesting and captivating than most other training sessions I have attended before. I can truly take something away from this. The content, the way it is presented, captivating from start to finish. A fantastic trainer with a very pleasant voice.

As a result of a career switch, I enrolled in the negotiation course. Initially, before the training, I thought this would certainly not be my thing. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The course is divided over two days, making it manageable, especially for a novice like me. Through the enthusiastic, engaging teaching style and interaction, a lot of the new material stuck, and I was genuinely drawn into the techniques of negotiation. I am confident that when I sit at the negotiation table for the first time soon, I have the necessary know-how to lead the negotiations successfully. Thank you, Najima, for this.

FOD Justitie

Regarding you, our trainer, and the 3 days of training, it was very exciting with a packed but well-balanced program alternating between theory and practical exercises. Group exercises are also a good thing because they contribute to strengthening the group's cohesion. You are very pleasant, punctual, attentive to needs, very professional with suitable materials provided to learners. In summary, my appreciation is very favorable. Thank you again and best wishes.


Pierre Du Ville

What remains very close to my heart are the resilience enhancement lessons we had from you. We learned to apply control and self-direction in our own lives. The support group ensured there was a lot of understanding and common ground. How you empower people is not something everyone can do. You do it exceptionally well!


Samira Abid

Najima's workshop on the importance of psychological safety in conflict resolution was a turning point for our team. She guided us in creating a safe and supportive environment where everyone is free to express ideas and concerns without fear of reprisal or judgment. Her method, combining theory and practical exercises, has thoroughly changed our way of communicating and contributed to establishing a more open and collaborative corporate culture. Managers and team members have gained the necessary tools and confidence to collaborate constructively and encourage innovation.


I find the training very valuable, not what I initially expected. However, everything comes together, and it makes you reflect and seek solutions in a different way. It also teaches me that we should not attribute everything to culture,...


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