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A trip along the yellow brick road of new organization models

A journey along a variety of alternative ways of working, managing and building businesses, from the network economy to sociocracy 3.0

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Over the past decades, thinkers and entrepreneurs have devised new ways of working, alternative approaches to management and entrepreneurial strategies that are better adapted to the fast pace of change of the business world. 

Should you transform the way you run your company accordingly?

In this talk Bert Van Wassenhove takes you on a journey along innovative organization models such as cooperative enterprises, new approaches to managing teams based on agile methodologies and ways to future proof your organization through a network model. 

Don’t expect textbook methodologies you can implement right away, but rather an inspirational trip for the transformation of your organization.

After this talk the participants will have formed an idea of which (if any) of these new models is applicable to their organization.

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Bert Van Wassenhove is not a book publisher, but a "venture publisher", with significant experience in marketing and digital media – and by leveraging his network – Bert helps people and organizations take an innovative or transformative concept and turn it into a sustainable company. 

Today he is CEO of Solvice, an AI company focussing on solving complex decision intelligence problems. Authenticity is always a key value in his undertakings.

Bert Van Wassenhove

Venture publisher guiding innovative and transformative concepts to become sustainable companies.

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