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Choose Positive!

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Positivity in personal and professional life has many benefits. Complaining, on the other hand affects our well-being and our (work) relationships with others. Complaining and continuing to complain leads to a negative spiral with detrimental consequences. 

In this keynote, Isabelle focuses on the influence of an overdose of complaining on our (professional) well-being. It is not always easy to escape it. Not as an individual, but also as a team member in a professional context.

How do you make a switch in your thinking and choose the positive option? It is a matter of the right mindset. Central in this keynote is therefore how you can choose positively in terms of your  thoughts, your words and your basic attitude. Isabelle challenges you on the basis of concrete examples to make a switch in your thinking. And the nice thing is: if you know how to turn the switch, you automatically infect your fellow human beings.

Key points

  • Explanation of the different forms of complaining. One form of complaining is not the other.

  • The impact of complaining on our well-being and how it can be done differently.

  • Switch and Wake up call for more positivity

  • You can choose positivity in many ways, both with your thoughts, your words and your attitude.

  • Choosing positively has many benefits.

You can do it too! The lecture is experienced as a real motivation boost.

Also available in workshop format.

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Isabelle Gonnissen is a bio-engineer and works as sales director at Solvay. She is the inspiration behind successful campaigns such as '30 days without complaining' and 'Complaint-free coffee', which have inspired more than 80,000 Belgians. She is also the author of the book 'Choose Positive', which encourages the reader to have a more positive attitude in life, both privately and professionally. After all, positivism in the workplace improves productivity and employee well-being. Everyone always has the choice to look positively at the events in their path. Complaining rarely offers a solution. An insight that can only enrich your audience.

Isabelle Gonnissen

Sales Director at Solvay and the driving force behind the successful campaigns '30 days without complaining' and 'Complaint-free coffee'

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