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Harmony through singing

A personal testimonial that gives evidence of major resilience

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'Your body is the harp of your soul, and it is up to you whether you make music with it or produce chaotic sounds with it.' 

This quote from Khalil Gibran encapsulates the keynote 'Harmony through singing': 

  • How well do we know our voice? 

  • What does she tell us about ourselves? 

  • What is her nature, her unique timbre?

The relationship with our voice is at both very intimate as well as unfamiliar or frightening.

However, our voice can become a compass on our path: it brings us self-confidence, it frees us from tension and stress, it helps us to express ourselves authentically and invites us to listen. Discovering our voice has a healing effect on ourselves and on our environment.

Martine shares her own experiences from this intense search for her voice to her unforgettable experiences on the opera stage.

And of course there is room for shared joy, experience and music!

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Martine Reyners has devoted more than 20 years to singing onstage and as a path to deepening awareness. In addition to her career as a professional soprano and opera singer, she runs a successful singing and coaching practice. Based on approaching the voice in a holistic manner, Martine has achieved breakthrough results with her clients using this original method, both in individual sessions and “Harmony Through Singing” workshops. Speaking with inspiration, projecting confidence in your abilities, feeling connected with yourself, to your job and your team, transforming stress into creativity and inspiration, finding your place and your space; these are the themes central to the workshops and key-notes. Martine’s intent is always to bring joy and healing through the transformative power of music. She is the ideal artist for musical interludes with piano or string quartet during your conferences.

Martine Reyners

Internationally acclaimed soprano and passionate liberator of the profound energy of the human voice

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