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Care is the new currency in hybrid working. We inspire and teach you and your leaders how to install the right company culture.

Understanding Generation Z in the workplace

Mariam Harutyunyan

Intergenerational Communication

Managing a hybrid workforce

Tony Crabbe

Build team performance and mental health in a virtual and hybrid context.

The Psychology of Change

David Ducheyne

Improve the team cohesion

Julie Heyvaert

How to boost cohesion in a hybrid team?

Dare to jump!

Cedric Dumont

Empower success in times of disruption: dare, lead, grow and flow

How to Be(come) a Customer-centric Leader?

Alain Thys

The true meaning of customer-centric leadership

The Whealthy Leader

Brecht Buysschaert

A better world through health and well-being at work

Feedback in practice

Charlotte De Metsenaere

How to give feedback? Learning by doing.

Stand Up to Stand Out

Marnick Vandebroek

How to build trust in the workplace and inspire people to take action?

Rethink | Reboot | Retool HR

Lesley Arens

This keynote offers you an original performing and sustainable framework to explore what is expected and needed from HR today and tomorrow.   

The organisation of the future

Richard van Hooijdonk

How to prepare an organisation for a future of exponential change.

The Winning Mindset for leaders

Marnick Vandebroek

How to deal with change and prime your team and yourself for success

How to 'hybrid working'

Florence Pérès

Models and key success factors

Wellbeing: not a cost but a mind-shift

Ann De Bisschop

Why a wellbeing policy is key if you want to be a future proof company.

Managers the Day after Tomorrow

Rik Vera

What management should be like in these disruptive times

Fun Teambuilding

Charlotte De Metsenaere

(Online) Teambuilding based on improvisational theatre

Blinded by Technology

Tom De Ruyck

Why the Future of Business is Machines + … Humans

Longevity: how organizations can prepare for the age of longevity

Dirk Schyvinck

Organizations and generations: a new look on 10 trends impacting the future of work.

Boost your employer branding

Tom De Wachter

How to turn your company into an employer of choice?

Lifelong learning

Mirabel Hoys

Employee Engagement, what else?

Inge van Belle

The 12 drivers of engagement and as a unique asset in the war for talent

Get ready for hybrid working


Ann De Bisschop and Florence Pérès bring complementary insights to help your employees and managers in this important transition.

The journey to inclusive leadership

Elke Jeurissen

Why diversity is not a problem, but a growth opportunity for your organization.

Only Future-proof with happy and healthy employees

Ann De Bisschop

What can you do as a leader ?

Help, I'm new in charge. What now?

Anja Cappelle

How to grow in a manager role

The 6 dimensions to measure and build TRUST

Henri Cnops

Because trust makes or breaks teams

A new perspective on your company's inclusion strategy

Mariam Harutyunyan

New insights on strategies that take into account how heterogeneous the world around us has become.

Sustainable Leadership

David Ducheyne

How to lead in a turbulent world?

Don't Pursue Glory - Pursue Excellence

Davy De Vlieger

Corporate Positivity, a fresh breeze in organizational culture

Katrijn Steenbeke

Culture is essential to realizing the strategy of all organizations. Behaviours determine culture and contribute to success.