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Understanding Generation Z in the workplace

Intergenerational Communication

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Radically different than Millennials, Generation Z has an entirely unique perspective on careers and how to define success in life and in the workforce.

To better understand the challenges facing this rising workforce and their impact on employers and the workplace, Mariam takes you on the discovery of Generation Z and dives into their individual behaviors, attitudes, and preferences; and separate the myths and stereotypes from reality, how generational stereotypes shape our society and influence (communication in) the workplace.

Not only will you discover the differences and similarities between generations, but you will also get tools on how to address intergenerational communication and embrace age diversity in the workplace. 

Especially for leaders who are now confronted with generation Z.  

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As a diversity and inclusion advocate and keynote speaker, Mariam aims to assist companies in elevating diversity and inclusion on their agendas and understanding the associated benefits. After obtaining her Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences from KU Leuven, she pursued further studies in consumer neuroscience. Mariam has supported various startups and organizations in enhancing their marketing strategies and visibility, with a particular emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

Additionally, Mariam is the founder and owner of the statement streetwear brand, KinArmat - female roots in Armenian-. The brand's statements are designed to initiate conversations on topics ranging from gender equality and diversity to female empowerment. Mariam has been invited multiple times as a speaker to share her expertise and experiences, as well as to narrate the story of KinArmat and its marketing strategies.

By heeding the insights of a young and diverse woman, companies gain a fresh perspective on marketing methodologies, crucial for attracting diverse talent and fostering inclusivity within their organizations.

Mariam Harutyunyan

Diversity and inclusion advocate. It's time to start talking about your company's inclusion strategy from marketing to company culture.

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