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Time for the creative generalist

Discover the entrepreneurial jack-of-all-trades in you

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Do others sometimes make you feel like an unguided projectile unable to focus on an idea or project long enough to turn it into something successful? 

Those around you call you an ambitious jack-of-all-trades, but doubt your perseverance. Too often you are asked to choose, and that's just where you get stuck. You want so badly to do your own thing, but how?

What if we told you that you don't have to choose?

Our world increasingly needs you, creative generalist.

From her own experience as creative generalist and passionate entrepreneur, Suyin Aerts believes that creativity, an uncensored view of the world, an insatiable thirst for knowledge and constantly gaining new experiences are indispensable components for successful entrepreneurship. 

By sharing with you her atypical story, she also wants to convince you of your power as a creative generalist!

Authentic leaders inspire above all by who they are! 

(The time of specialists only is over)

In this keynote Suyin shares five steps that give you the drive, insight and tools you need to finally jump into a bath of challenges as an entrepreneur. 

Also available to participate in panel and interviews around this theme

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As an ex-topsporter Suyin sees a big correlation between the mindset of an entrepreneur and an Olympic Athlete. That is why she calls herself an "Olympic Entrepreneur". Being an entrepreneur and business leader herself, Suyin knows what it is to motivate and inspire teams, to create value and to be agile and always stay creative. The helicopter view she has as an entrepreneur helps her to ask the right questions. It makes her a broad deployable moderator and interviewer. Suyin hosts events, moderates debates, and prepares and presents TV & Video shows. She uses the languages she actively speaks with a native level (Dutch, French, English) and those she understands (German, Spanish, Italian) to be a valuable link to take her customers and their business to a higher and more professional level. Suyin is also an inspiring keynote speaker aiming to change the minds of a group of people, to persuade them of something they hadn’t seen, known, or believed before.

Suyin Aerts

To get the right answers you must ask the right questions.

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