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Suyin Aerts

To get the right answers you must ask the right questions.

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Moderator, Host

Dutch, French, English

Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Networking


As a former top athlete, Suyin recognizes a significant correlation between the mindset of an entrepreneur and that of an Olympic athlete. This is why she proudly identifies herself as an "Olympic Entrepreneur." With extensive experience as an entrepreneur and business leader, Suyin understands the importance of motivating and inspiring teams, creating value, and maintaining agility while fostering creativity.

Her entrepreneurial perspective provides her with a valuable helicopter view, enabling her to ask the right questions and approach challenges strategically. This breadth of vision makes her a versatile moderator and interviewer, adept at hosting events, moderating debates, and preparing and presenting TV & video shows.

Suyin leverages her fluency in multiple languages - including Dutch, French, and English at a native level, and German, Spanish, and Italian at a proficient level - to serve as a valuable bridge, elevating her clients and their businesses to new heights of professionalism and success.

Furthermore, as an inspiring keynote speaker, Suyin aims to shift the mindset of her audience, persuading them to consider perspectives they may not have previously encountered or believed. With her compelling presentations, she seeks to ignite change and drive progress within groups of people.


Questioning the why, the importance of asking the right questions

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Unlocking Success Through Being Inquisitive

Time for the creative generalist

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Discover the entrepreneurial jack-of-all-trades in you

The importance of networking

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Becoming an Olympic Entrepreneur

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About he correlation between an entrepreneur and an Olympic Athlete

I have called on Suyin a number of times for presenting seminars on HR issues. She always did an excellent job. The evaluation by the participants of her role as a host was therefore always very favourable. Her fluent trilingualism (Dutch, French, English), her pleasant to the point-presentation style, her dynamic look and approach and a good understanding of business audiences make her the ideal host for business events with a strong content-oriented dimension.

HRM info

Marc Ernst, Founder

Suyin has so many diverse skills that it’s impossible to cover them all. Some highlights: excellent moderator, professional speaker and inspiring presenter, purpose driven entrepreneur, creative writer, (social) media expert, marcom angel and above all a person who makes impact in everything that she does. In conclusion, I would highly recommend working with Suyin Aerts.


Omar Mohout, Entrepreneurship Fellow

Suyin was an excellent speaker for an event we did about finding your unique selling point and using it to your full potential. She was wonderfully on time for the event, communicated well ahead of time, and gave a clear and entertaining presentation. She was also charming and welcoming to those who mingled and asked her questions afterwards during the networking moment. Definitely highly recommended. I’ve also seen her moderate a political debate – top!

Leuven Mindgate

Jane Judge

Suyin proved to be hyper professional in preparing for the event and sharing her know how and best practices to make the show as vibrant as possible. Despite being well prepared last minute changes were not an issue at all. Very flexible always a professional. She is more than just a great MC. She proved to be well aware of business challenges and tied those back to the individual or society. She is definitely on our top dial for future engagements.


Jeroen Van Godtsenhoven, Managing Director

Suyin not only knows how to take your event to a higher level through her presentations, but moderates with a drown view,involving everyone in the team to come to a good discussion.When organizing your event, she thinks along with you to ensure that it becomes a formula for success

X² Gender Equality Awards

Wivina Briers, Founder

Suyin was the moderator of our European Business Angels-day yearly event. She was exceptional good; very well and detailed preparation - on-time delivery - highly professional English presenting skill. She managed to guide the public through a very tight afternoon schedule with international speakers. On top of this, she is very nice to work with and get things done, even during the evening time if needed. I can only highly recommend her!

Greenforce Sustainability

Benita Dreesen, Managing Director

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