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The sky is not your limit

Unleashing potential through space exploration

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Belgian pilot and space travel expert Nancy Vermeulen captivates audiences with her immense perseverance and talent. Her keynote presentation motivates you to excel in your strengths and demonstrates that the world of tomorrow is already taking shape today.

Be inspired by Nancy’s compelling life story. As a female pilot, she flew large commercial aircraft, including during the second Gulf War in Iraq.

Nancy’s passion for air and space travel brought her into personal contact with one of the leading pioneers of the commercial space travel industry, Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson.

As the commander during her Mars simulation mission in the Utah desert (USA), and with her visionary outlook on the future, Nancy invites you to explore this wonderful "expanded world" with her.

In her enthusiastic presentation, she shares the challenging path she traveled to achieve her goals, making her a powerful source of inspiration for everyone striving to reach their own ambitions.

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Nancy's personal mission is to bridge the gap between the universe and people, making space more accessible and understandable. In 2018, she founded the Space Training Academy, where she prepares private astronauts and suborbital scientists for their inaugural space journeys.

She is a former commercial airline pilot-instructor and holds a Master's degree in theoretical physics and astronomy. She served as the Commander of a Mars simulation in Utah and participated in the ESA astronaut selections in 2008. 

An international motivational speaker and guest lecturer, Nancy has presented at numerous prestigious platforms, including TEDx events, Deloitte University, and the European Commission. In 2021, she published her book "Iedereen Ruimtevaarder" (Everyone an Astronaut) with Lannoo.

In 2023, Nancy established NaviQueen Consulting, transitioning her aerospace expertise to the business world. As a strategic leadership advisor, she guides individuals and organizations towards leadership excellence and serves as an independent board member. Nancy is also an active member of Rotary.

Nancy Vermeulen

Space ambassador and strategic leadership advisor for whom the sky is not the limit.

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