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Nancy Vermeulen

Space ambassador and strategic leadership advisor for whom the sky is not the limit.

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Speaker, Moderator, Coach, Consultant

Dutch, English

Space ambassador, Strategic leadership, Private astronaut trainer, Former pilot instructor


Nancy's personal mission is to bridge the gap between the universe and people, making space more accessible and understandable. In 2018, she founded the Space Training Academy, where she prepares private astronauts and suborbital scientists for their inaugural space journeys.

She is a former commercial airline pilot-instructor and holds a Master's degree in theoretical physics and astronomy. She served as the Commander of a Mars simulation in Utah and participated in the ESA astronaut selections in 2008. 

An international motivational speaker and guest lecturer, Nancy has presented at numerous prestigious platforms, including TEDx events, Deloitte University, and the European Commission. In 2021, she published her book "Iedereen Ruimtevaarder" (Everyone an Astronaut) with Lannoo.

In 2023, Nancy established NaviQueen Consulting, transitioning her aerospace expertise to the business world. As a strategic leadership advisor, she guides individuals and organizations towards leadership excellence and serves as an independent board member. Nancy is also an active member of Rotary.


To Mars or not to Mars

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Explore the future of space exploration

The universe and the historical quest for the ultimate truth

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Exploring our place in the cosmos

The sky is not your limit

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Unleashing potential through space exploration

The future is yours

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Empower your company and employees to success in an evolving world

Nancy's story can only be described as highly inspiring! As a public speaker, she takes you on a journey through her life and perfectly illustrates what it takes to pursue your dreams. 'The Sky is NOT your limit' will inspire both young and old, and especially entrepreneurs: never give up, reinvent yourself, and seek out new opportunities! Perhaps they even lie beyond the atmosphere.


Filip Vandeweyer, Plato-coördinator

I was 100% focused on every word she said. A woman talking about how to break the glass ceiling in a strong way, in a male-dominated sector, really opened my eyes. Her perseverance and determination are something amazing to learn from.

Deloitte University

Nancy is one of the most inspiring keynote speakers we have ever had within the ADM community. Her passion for technology and space exploration is truly infectious. Additionally, her personal story serves as a motivating example for many young women and men to aim high!


Ingrid Hoffman, General Manager

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