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To Mars or not to Mars

Explore the future of space exploration

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In this keynote, space expert and astronaut trainer Nancy Vermeulen will expand your perspective on the world, space, and the economy. What lessons can we glean from manned missions to other planets? What hurdles must we surmount? What does the future of space exploration entail, and how will it impact our world?

Discover the Evolving Space Economy

What advancements can we anticipate in the years ahead? Will our future be on the moon or Mars? Is sustainable life on another planet feasible? What challenges still need conquering?

Gain Insight into Space as a Source of Innovation

As we move towards a space economy, our endeavors will extend beyond Earth's boundaries. Could mining resources on distant planets, cultivating crops on the moon, or manufacturing materials in a weightless environment soon become a reality? Space exploration is set to revolutionize our economy.

Explore New Products from Space Innovations

Many everyday products, from insulation materials to GPS, have origins in space exploration. What other groundbreaking innovations might emerge from our ventures into space?

Gain a Fresh Perspective on Global Challenges

From space, we gain a clearer view of pressing global issues like climate change, biodiversity loss, and natural disasters. Discover how space exploration serves broader societal interests beyond politics and economics.

Understand Team Dynamics through Space Simulations

Lastly, consider the psychological aspects of both space exploration and business. Nancy Vermeulen's team spent 14 days in Utah's desolate desert simulating a Mars expedition to study team dynamics and communication under extreme conditions. These insights are directly applicable to enhancing team performance in the corporate world.

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Nancy's personal mission is to bridge the gap between the universe and people, making space more accessible and understandable. In 2018, she founded the Space Training Academy, where she prepares private astronauts and suborbital scientists for their inaugural space journeys.

She is a former commercial airline pilot-instructor and holds a Master's degree in theoretical physics and astronomy. She served as the Commander of a Mars simulation in Utah and participated in the ESA astronaut selections in 2008. 

An international motivational speaker and guest lecturer, Nancy has presented at numerous prestigious platforms, including TEDx events, Deloitte University, and the European Commission. In 2021, she published her book "Iedereen Ruimtevaarder" (Everyone an Astronaut) with Lannoo.

In 2023, Nancy established NaviQueen Consulting, transitioning her aerospace expertise to the business world. As a strategic leadership advisor, she guides individuals and organizations towards leadership excellence and serves as an independent board member. Nancy is also an active member of Rotary.

Nancy Vermeulen

Space ambassador and strategic leadership advisor for whom the sky is not the limit.

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