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The fundamentals of teamwork

What conditions must be fulfilled to speak of strong teamwork?

More detailed information

Like a table has 4 legs to support it, a team also needs 4 foundations. In this keynote / workshop you will get a view on how a team functions properly and you can immediately put it into practice.

Whether we like it or not, organizations expect a lot of cooperation between people. Sometimes this goes well, sometimes it goes wrong. Too bad that we often leave this to chance. After this workshop, however, you will know what you can do to improve teamwork. This workshop/ keynote 

  • gives you insight into four fundamental questions that every team needs to be able to answer

  • gives you a tool to analyze your team functioning

  • gives you tools to get started with each foundation

  • offers you background so you can continue with this later on

Can be booked as an inspiring keynote session, but also as a guidance project for existing teams or training for team leaders.

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Tom is an occupational (work) psychologist with over 25 years of professional experience. His mission is to help people work and live better, happier and healthier lives by stimulating them to grow and believe in the power of personal leadership. His work focuses on everything that has to do with 'working together', 'leadership' and 'personal growth'. Tom helps organizations, teams, managers and employees with these themes via coaching, advice, training, workshops and lectures. He is also a part-time lecturer at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp, where he teaches HRM, occupational (work) psychology and applied psychology. In March '21 he launched the site '' full of good practices and background material on 'connection in the workplace'.

Tom Dijckmans

Labour Psychologist - 25yrs experience - passionated about human interactions on the workfloor

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