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How do you increase psychological safety in your team?

A critical success factor for innovation, retention and growth.

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Do you recognize this? 

You're in a meeting, wanting to ask a question because something is not clear. You look around... But, oh well. No one asks that question. Everyone seems to know this already. So what do you think? "I'm expected to know it too." And what do you do? You stay silent. "I better not ask, imagine what they'll think of me. I'll figure it out later on my own." 

This is what happens in a psychologically unsafe environment. We don't dare to admit that we don't know something. But it's more than that. It's also about not daring to suggest that things can be done differently, or not being able to say that we disagree with a proposal, not daring to question something... Can you see how this "silence" causes a team or organization to simply not function? Stagnation? Stalemate? No progress, no innovation, demotivated people. 

Employees constantly walking on eggshells, unable to be themselves. It's not enjoyable to work in such a team, and you actually want to leave as soon as possible. 

"In a team with a low level of psychological safety, people are not comfortable speaking up and/or feel that there may be consequences if they question things." 

In this keynote, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • Why don't we dare to speak?

  • Why don't we ask that question?

  • Why don't we say that it could be done differently?

  • Why don't we dare to make our proposal?

  • How can you make your team (feel) safe again?

  • What variables make a team unsafe?

  • How can you work on this? 

You will receive the scientific background of psychological safety and tips and exercises to immediately start working on it. 

After this keynote, you will have everything you need to create a team where you and your employees can truly be yourselves, make mistakes (and learn from them), ask questions no matter how crazy they may be, take risks, address problems, and disagree. Your team will become a safe place where everyone feels at home, can grow, learn, feel good, and achieve top performance! 

In this workshop/keynote/training, depending on the available time (ranging from 20 minutes to 2 days), we will start with some thought-provoking questions, followed by a section of theory, then exercises, tips, and we always conclude with an exciting challenge. A challenge that you can take home or try out with your team!

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Hermina Van Coillie, Ph.D. in Psychology, is a motivation expert, keynote speaker, lecturer in various HRM postgraduate courses, author, senior consultant, and business manager at Flourish. In April 2021, she released her first book, co-authored with Prof. Dr. Anja van den Broeck, titled "Motivating Without Control: Getting Started with Self-Determination Theory in the Workplace!" published by Die Keure. Hermina is a highly sought-after speaker, delivering keynotes, inspiration sessions, masterclasses, workshops, and training sessions for business leaders, HR directors, HR managers, executives, prevention advisors, and coaching teams and management committees for several years. Hermina employs a unique approach, bringing to life one of the most influential psychological theories of this century—scientifically grounded and simultaneously directly applicable to everyone, not only in the workplace but also at home or in sports clubs. Hermina captivates and engages her audience, showcasing her charisma, authenticity, and expertise, along with providing new and practical insights. With years of dedicated research, her narrative is solidly based. She is not merely a motivation guru but a true expert, sharing knowledge without overwhelming her audience with excessive theories. Instead, she unveils what is already inherent in each individual. Her sessions are highly interactive, stimulating the audience with thought-provoking questions, humorous and inspiring anecdotes, and relatable situations. Regardless of the audience's background, be it C-level executives or gardeners, everyone experiences the power and magic of her story. Her audience leaves with actionable insights, ready to implement immediately after the lecture. High-quality motivation is not an end in itself; rather, it serves as the means to achieve peak performance and personal flourishing. The right motivation reduces stress, lowers the risk of burnout, enhances concentration, and promotes an overall sense of well-being—transforming individuals into high performers. Furthermore, Hermina connects this 'high-quality' motivation to numerous HR themes, such as burnout, well-being, leadership, remote and flexible working, absenteeism, performance management, work addiction, work-life balance, compensation, hybrid working, and aging.

Hermina Van Coillie

Hermina Van Coillie, Dr. in psychology, is a motivation expert, keynote speaker, lecturer in several HRM postgraduate courses, author, senior consultant and business manager at Flourish

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